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About Cold Path - Turn-based strategy

Explore technology, discover skills, build fusion reactors and conquer new territories. Create your scenarios in the scenario editor and play them on the local network. Join the global servers and play with players from all over the world

* Buildings
* Seas
* Over 55 technologies
* Skills
* Singleplayer, local multiplayer and global multiplayer!
* Maps: Europe, America
* Scenarios: Millennium, Great Northern War, Crimean War, World War I, Modern World, Consequences, Anarchy
* Scenario Editor

If you want to help translate the game into your native language, feel free to write to [email protected]

the best game
Amazing app! I like strategy games and this one is probably the best mobile strategy game I've played! Its so fun to play. Its challenging too! Thats the best part, so its not so easy and its realistic also ...
Bryan Bobbitt
Add more europe senarios like a 800 AD start date and 1400s start date for next update.
L p