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About Colonize: Transport Tycoon

Your success depends on your strategy and willingness to deliver goods on time that will help to build your colony faster. What route to set up first? Should you optimize your game strategy? The decisions you make during the colony and road buildings will have a major impact on the rewards you receive.

Everything is up to you! Challenge your managing skills in daily contracts. Participate in weekly events and complete tasks on a deadline to get special rewards. If weekly events are not for you, focus on daily contracts for faster results.

Once you have successfully delivered the first production you can upgrade your fleet of vehicles (yes yes, this isn’t just an idle builder game, but this is a car tycoon as well). Buy new transport, upgrade roads, and complete new contracts!

New areas of the planet will unlock as you progress in the game. Unlock new locations and new facilities as you level up. The more you play, the more demanding the colonies get. Higher tier factories and more challenging city requests pop up on the new map areas you unlock.

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Fixed the premium and route issues sssoooo.... GREAT GAME!!!!
Edward Morton
Game is fun overall. Just a little glitchy. If I minimize and come back after all resources are transferred, I get 3 checkmarks and unable to upgrade building. Have to reset the game to fix. Also, when upgra...
Michael Bradley
edit: they fixed the issue i had, so i changed my rating fun but now it crashes to dashboard after a few minutes
Great game! I wish I could rest everything to the beginning though. I deleted a main road on accident and now I'm stuck with a broken game.
Chad Britt
They have fixed a lot so far and its turning into a great game. I found a glitch when sometimes moving acid or wurtz cargo, the amount moved disappears and is kinda frustrating.
Corey Poppin
If you enjoy logistics, this is a pretty great game. It starts simple with fast progression, but gets a lot more complex as you go! It's a good mix of idle and planning, overall one of the best free apps out...
David Miller