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About Nihilumbra

Discover the beautiful world of Nihilumbra and join Born on his adventure to find himself whilst trying to escape from his inevitable curse.
Born was created from the absolute nothingness: The Void. But somehow he separates himself from the black emptiness and appears in the world. This is where his long odyssey begins, in which he will learn how to use the colors around him to gain powerful abilities and transform the world.

However, his experiences come at a high price. The Void must be one. It seeks to reclaim him and will never stop chasing him, destroying everything in its path along the way.
To survive, Born will have to condemn the earth he walks to its inevitable obliteration by The Void...


- More than 10 hours of gameplay.

- “Old school” playability inspired by classic games but redesigned for tactile devices.

- The ability to change ground physics using five different colors.

- Use five worlds as your canvas and transform them at your will.

- Two different control schemes: Classic buttons or tilting sensor.

- Original soundtrack composed by Álvaro Lafuente. Headphones recommended.

- Unlockable surprise on completion of the game. Replayability assured.

*You can play until world 2 for free (a total of 12 levels), then you can purchase the full version of the game within the app*

Hardware requirements: It's advised to have a graphics score higher than 2000 in the "Ice Storm Unlimited" benchmark. You can check devices' scores at

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Nihilumbra?

Nihilumbra is a game that follows the adventure of Born as he tries to find himself and escape from his curse.

How long is the gameplay for Nihilumbra?

The gameplay for Nihilumbra is more than 10 hours.

What are the gameplay controls for Nihilumbra?

Nihilumbra offers two different control schemes: classic buttons or tilting sensor.

Can I change the physics in Nihilumbra?

Yes, you can change the ground physics in Nihilumbra using five different colors.

What are the hardware requirements for Nihilumbra?

It is advised to have a graphics score higher than 2000 in the "Ice Storm Unlimited" benchmark. You can check devices' scores at

Is there a free version of Nihilumbra?

Yes, you can play until world 2 (a total of 12 levels) for free. After that, you can purchase the full version within the app.

Does Nihilumbra have replayability?

Yes, there is unlockable surprise on completion of the game, ensuring replayability.
I love nihilumbra.It's so well adventures,and when I was at the end of level 3 of the 2nd round I I just I just wanted to have lots and lots more fun
DD Van Rooy
Really amazing graphics and perspective views at the start, good portal like gameplay with the use of different liquids, that can be painted on almost any surface, with different properties to move through g...
Dfgd Hgfcg
I love it a lot
Rei Cruz
Really cool little game. Kinda, physics-puzzle/skill-platformer. Controls on mobile should be adjustable in size and location imo. Otherwise, great job!
Joe Bullock III
Best game ever...
Mario Velez
I am speechless. On one hand, the full version NEEDS to have a price. It's just way to good to be free. Amazing story, gameplay, graphics, music, everything. On the other, it's a shame it isn't free. Many pe...
Sebastián Rojas Gutiérrez.