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About SpriteBox Coding

SpriteBox Coding is a full-blown adventure game that gets you coding.

Learn to code from scratch, starting with icon coding and then slowly advancing to using real Java syntax.

Embark on a journey to find the pieces of your broken rocket. You'll explore different worlds, meet new characters, solve puzzles and unlock cool outfits.

SpriteBox Coding covers the following programming concepts:

* Sequencing
* Parameters
* Loops (and Nested Loops)
* Procedures
* Basic Java Syntax

Comes with 70 puzzles to solve and 500 stars to collect.

Are you up to the challenge?

Programming: Danny Yaroslavski
Art and Design: E.M. Engel
Story Animation: James Pearmain
Music and SFX: Eduardo Zolhof

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is SpriteBox Coding?

SpriteBox Coding is a full-blown adventure game that teaches you coding.

What programming concepts does SpriteBox Coding cover?

SpriteBox Coding covers sequencing, parameters, loops, nested loops, procedures, and basic Java syntax.

What does SpriteBox Coding include?

SpriteBox Coding includes 70 puzzles to solve and 500 stars to collect.

Who are the creators of SpriteBox Coding?

Programming by Danny Yaroslavski, Art and Design by E.M. Engel, Story Animation by James Pearmain, and Music and SFX by Eduardo Zolhof.
Good to learn coding and great fun! Ummm... So install now!
Ian Kroukamp
This is an amazing game to teach kids coding skills.
A Google user
Great for learning to code. My 6 year old loves it and is learning quickly. I am enjoying it as well.
Isaac Garland
really awesome
My kids love this game! We started with Lightbot, and as soon as I found this one, they were absolutely hooked!
Aaron Browne
Excellent for kids. Pitty the gui progeamming ends too early. My 5 years old daughter would hava loved to keep playing
Juan Pablo Carbajal