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About ARI (Auto Repair Invoices)

ARI app is dedicated to Auto Repair shops as well as independent mechanics.
The app's purpose is to help mechanics to
- easily diagnose car issues
- effortlessly create job cards and car repair orders
- fastly create and send electronic invoices to their clients

It is an elegant solution to a rather cumbersome task. Once set up right, ARI can help you save time and cut costs that you'd normally dedicate to the trivial process of writing auto repair invoices and estimates.

1. Auto Repair features
a). Advance Car Diagnosis (for vehicles manufactured after 1996)*
- Recommended Maintenance (+/-10,000 miles or full maintenance)
- Upcoming Repair list (including parts and labor cost estimation)
- OBD Port locator (pictures)
- Diagnose based on DTC errors ( includes SAE public standard codes and OEM non-standard codes)
- Repair Data (a form of intelligent analysis to derive repairs and understands that a DTC is not tied to a specific part but may be a symptom of another underlying issue.)
- TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) includes a summary and PDF

b). Parts & Labor built right into the app
- ARI offers a list of 400+ common car parts for you to choose from.
- additionally, the app offers a list of 150+ different types of auto repair services or car labor times and types.

c). Service Reminders
- Schedule service reminders and the app will send automatic emails to your clients reminding them when the service is due.

d). Car Inspection report
- Upsell your clients with a detailed inspection report

e). Online booking
- Allow your clients to book your auto repair services online. You will be notified when someone makes an appointment and you'll have the option to confirm or deny their car service request.

f). VIN scanner and decoder
-Simply point your camera at a VIN barcode and the system will read and decode the VIN automatically.
- The data decoded is composed of: vehicle make, model, year, number of doors, transmission type, driven wheels, engine details, etc.
g). Barcode scanner for your inventory
You can scan and store the barcode of your auto repair parts for easy finding later on.
h).DTC decoder (basic)
You can simply input the error code given by your diagnostic tool and the app will decode the error and insert the details in your invoice.
This helps you build invoices faster as it eliminates the need for typing down technical details.

2. Invoicing & JobCards features
a). 7 fully-customizable invoicing templates
Every text in the form can be changed instantly from the app according to your specific needs
b).Signature support
The app allows you and your customer to sign an invoice on the spot, right on the device (phone/tablet)
c). Logo
You can add your business logo to your auto repair invoices and estimates
d). Print mobile
If you have a mobile printer, then you can print your invoices/estimates right on the spot.
e). Multiple tax values.
You can add up to 3 types of taxes and customize their name and values.
f). Payment Options
The app accepts Cash, Check, Credit Card, and PayPall payment options. You can collect payments from your clients on the spot.
g).Assign and monitor work to your employees

3. Reporting & Accounting
- Income & Expense
- Sales & Purchases
- Inventory & Net Profit
- Employees & Salaries

4. App features
- It uses GPS to get your current address, so you won't have to type it in.
- Sync + Backup functionality (you can now create and access your invoices from multiple devices)
- Connection to calendar to mark invoices dates

5. MULTIPLE languages supported (EN, RU, PL, SPA, RO, IND, GR, DA, GER, IT, JPN, )

- available 24/7 via email

*the free version is limited to 3 estimates, 3 invoices, and 2 clients. If you want to build unlimited invoices, then consider purchasing the full version. You can do it through the app.
*the ARI diagnose features works on a Credit model.

Atlast i got the best car repair invoices app
Kauffman Sterling
This App is very user friendly, I will be recommending to friends!
Maryam Johns
I'm totally impressed! Will for sure recommend this App to others in a heart beat. THANKS : )
Alvis Schuppe