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About Bomb Club

If you have a knack for explosives, the Bomb Club welcomes you! Meet new bombs, uncover new challenges, and create awesome chain reactions in this explosive puzzle game!

Bring your best bomb-fu to detonate all bombs on the board in one single chain reaction. With dozens of bombs, hats and level types, you'll need more than your love of things that go 'BOOM' to succeed. Fortunately, the other club members will be there to guide you!

More than 20 wacky bombs to add to your arsenal
Meet the Laser bomb, the Black Hole bomb, the Magma bomb, the Smoke bomb and many more, each with their own effect and range. Being a bomb expert is no easy task... But the Nitronomicon will always be at hand to remind you what they all do. Years of bomb research are compiled in this book, so keep it close!

The pinnacle of bomb technology: Bomb hats!
Put a hat on a bomb and it will get a new effect! With the Party hat, the Hard hat, the Top hat and other fashionable headgears, you'll never lack options and your bombs will never lack style!

A huge map to explore
Hundreds of levels are waiting for you, with various level types. Choose your path, explore new zones at your own pace, and unlock new stuff as you progress. Who knows what's waiting for you at the end of it all?

Become a bomb expert
Master all bombs and hats and complete the optional objectives to increase your score and become the club's most trusted bomb expert. Bomb Club's systems are extremely simple, but you'll soon find out that they can be challenging too! Newcomers will have no trouble progressing the story, but puzzle experts will also find levels that will push them to their limits!

More explosions!
What's that? You crave more explosive challenges? Bonus level packs are available, with even more bombs and more devious levels!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Bomb Club?

Bomb Club is an explosive puzzle game where you can meet new bombs, uncover new challenges, and create awesome chain reactions.

How many bombs are available in Bomb Club?

There are more than 20 wacky bombs available in Bomb Club, including the Laser bomb, the Black Hole bomb, the Magma bomb, and the Smoke bomb.

What is the Nitronomicon in Bomb Club?

The Nitronomicon is a book that compiles years of bomb research and is always at hand to remind you what each bomb does.

What are Bomb hats in Bomb Club?

Bomb hats are fashionable headgears that can be put on a bomb to give it a new effect, such as the Party hat, the Hard hat, and the Top hat.

How many levels are available in Bomb Club?

There are hundreds of levels available in Bomb Club, with various level types to choose from.

Is Bomb Club easy or challenging?

Bomb Club's systems are extremely simple, but the levels can be challenging, with options for both newcomers and puzzle experts.

Are bonus level packs available in Bomb Club?

Yes, bonus level packs are available in Bomb Club, with even more bombs and devious levels to challenge you.
Surprisingly good free puzzle game with no ads. Characters and story are funny, the puzzles are reasonably hard, and there's a decent amount of content for free with some bonus levels available for purchase.
Josh Clark
Truly a great game, beautiful art, simple but ritch rules, some levels are easy and relaxing, some need alot of thought to finish with gold reward. Can't believe that such game can be free and without ads, I...
Goran Cimperšak
Really well made game and it really makes you think hard to get gold in all levels. Would love to see a sequel.
Sterling Renouf
Wow. Fun puzzles, endearing and comedic characters, excellent music. And a ton of free content without ads. Seriously, this is a unicorn game, I love it.
Alphonze Meep
Haha this game is super cute and has challenging puzzles. Can't wait to see Blake's rule 34 art! 😍
Michael Trautman
Hey devs, there's a typo in the laser bomb tutorial: when you place the vertical bomb on the marked tile, it says "market tile" instead. And that is literally my only criticism, because this game is delightf...
David Wennersten