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About Surprise Eggs Superheroes

In the universes of comics every day there are any incidents, there are different events, good and bad. And the reason for this is real super heroes with superpowers! Some induce riots and fear of people, others save cities and even entire planets from evil. In this game you can collect your largest collection of SUPERHEROES from your favorite comic book magazines, cartoons and movies. Now for all this, do not necessarily go to the store, because after downloading the game, you can print chocolate eggs, find surprises in them and collect their collections of toys without leaving home. In this special version of SUPERHEROIDS are collected the most famous and favorite characters of comics, cartoons and films, which are known to all modern boys and girls:

The New Spider Man
iron Man
Super Men and the Man of Steel
Flush and Arrow
And many other representatives of good and evil.

And on whose side are you?

Each open chocolate egg will bring you happiness, joy, a good mood and a beautiful toy! :) Games for children and adults on mobile devices and tablets in our time have become more a necessity than a fashion.

The rules of the game are simple. Required:

- Choose a chocolate egg with a surprise with the character you like
- Remove the wrapper by pressing your finger
- "Eat" chocolate with the touch of a finger
- Open the capsule-yolk with the finger
- Get your surprise in the form of a toy! He goes to the collection!

Purpose of the game:

Collect the entire collection of superhero toys for boys and girls, opening chocolate eggs!

The game will help pass the time to adults, and can also borrow, distract the child, which will be a good help to my mother! We hope that this fun and educational game will become one of your favorites, whether you are an adult or the smallest! :)

Game for adults and children from 1 year and older.

All toys used in this game have nothing to do with Kinder Surprise or Kinder Surprise Maxi. They are purchased in children's stores.

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