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About Surprise Eggs: Free Game for Girls

Chocolate and dolls are words from which any adult or little girl will have lights in their eyes! In this game you can find not only this, but also game sets with houses, animals and various accessories and decorations for girls. Now for all this, do not necessarily go to the store, because after downloading the game, you can print chocolate eggs, find surprises in them and collect their collections of toys without leaving home. This special version of FOR GIRLS contains the most famous and exciting toys! Puppets, dolls with accessories, butterflies, fairies, little ponies, magic horses and unicorns, pets, princesses and even a designer for girls! A beautiful and gentle strawberry-heavenly design of the game will immerse you in your magical country. Any lady will be happy to see her beloved princesses and other popular characters from cartoons.

Each open chocolate egg will bring you happiness, joy, a good mood and a beautiful toy! :) Games for children and adults on mobile devices and tablets in our time have become more a necessity than a fashion.

The rules of the game are simple. Required:

- Choose a chocolate egg with a surprise with the character you like
- Remove the wrapper by pressing your finger
- "Eat" chocolate with the touch of a finger
- Open the yolk-box by pressing the finger
- Get your surprise in the form of a toy! He goes to the collection!

Purpose of the game:

Collect the entire collection of toys for girls, opening chocolate eggs!

The game will help pass the time to adults, and can also borrow, distract the child, which will be a good help to my mother! We hope that this fun and educational game will become one of your favorites, whether you are an adult or the smallest! :)

Game for adults and children from 1 year and older.

Collections will constantly replenish, stay tuned!

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Princess Pottymouth
Lauren Derr
Rhea Lazo
Lilian Naikula
This is just like the actual Kinder Joy eggs, except the chocolate doesn't make you gain weight!
Shannon ray Martin
Lovely game i have ever seen before Hope u also like this interesting game with amazing surprises inside them Because it have winx club also and i realy like winx club i like a surprise egg game which have w...
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simra and good games to😘
Ripa Begum