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About Yindii

Yindii is a surplus food delivery app to rescue delicious food from restaurants, cafes and grocery stores at unbelievable prices. Perfect for tonight's dinner or tomorrow's lunch!

Yindii is on a mission to tackle climate change by ending food waste and its consequences on the environment. You can become a HERO by joining the Food Waste Fight Club and be the change you’d like to see in the world !

Save Food. Save Money. Save the Planet.

Yindii, it’s Easii

- Save Food.

Buy delicious unsold surplus food. Reserve and pay in the app. Take away or get delivered during happy hour. You will get a surprise box like it’s your birthday !

- Save Money

Find amazing happy hours in Bangkok in a variety of eco-friendly places and brands. An amazing way to discover new food and cool stores !

- Save the Planet

Be part of a global movement to reduce human impact on the planet and eradicate food waste
What’s a Yindii Box ?

Think about it as a surprise basket !

The store prepares a Yindii Box full of delicious items from that day and offers a great discount. You will discover what's inside when you open it : think about tasty pastries, appetizing baked bread, or flavoursome meals.

It feels like a surprise gift when you receive the box !
Do you have a favorite restaurant, cafe or grocery store that should join Yindii? Become a Yindii ambassador and help us fight for the planet by making your favorite places join the Yindii Surplus Food App!

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A nice way to save money on great food that otherwise would be thrown away! As convenient as foodpanda but more sustainable and cheaper 😉
Alba Luis
Wonderful initiative, easy to use, great service, worth every penny spent for the food ordered. 😁
Ashma Poudel