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About English courses 100% free & without Internet

Learn english easily

Why ENGLISH COURSES is the best application to reach your goal and learn English easily and correctly?
For the simple reason, that these academic lessons are represented in a simple and complete way according to an educational hierarchy in different levels: starting from basic level and go up to the advanced one. In addition, this application lets everyone knows what level to start with by taking a simple test, that depending on the result, you go directly to the level that suits you based on your score.

ENGLISH COURSES application offers you over 300 lessons and over 250 exercises with corrections and explanations.

Characteristics of ENGLISH COURSES application:

* This application is first of all an "offline" application. ie once installed, you no longer need the internet or a connexion to use it;

* ENGLISH COURSES is multilingual "the whole application is well explained in English, French and Spanish" (Soon other languages ​​will be added);

* It is 100% free, no level is chargeable(everything is free);

* It is a complete and comprehensive application. Almost, all type of English lessons are present (including exercises, their detailed corrections as well as audios);

* More than 3 levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. The application contains 2 other bonus levels (also free of charge) to improve your 'business' vocabulary (professional English) as well as all the vocabulary related to travel (English for travel, hotel, shopping, restaurants, etc...);

* It is intended for all age categories: children or adults, since it's simple to use.

Description of the ENGLISH COURSES application:

* If it is your first use, you will be faced with 2 scenarios, either to take a small language test to assess your level, according to the score obtained; or choose the levelby yourself by selecting one of the 3 ordinary levels: basic, intermediate, or advanced. Plus the 2 bonus levels (Professional and travel);

* After your first use, ENGLISH COURSES application remembers in the end of each session the last visited course and suggests that you complete your route in a well-organized manner since it records your progress and allows you to continue learning in other sessions later.

* Once you start your courses, you will have small icons designating the courses already read and the courses not yet read (respectively a small open book and a small closed book);

* Each course contains 1 or 2 exercises linked to that course, of course with detailed corrections that justifies the choice of the correct answer;

* Text to Voice: possibility to listen to text in english and vocabularies by clicking on the "read" symbol (so you can learn english in an easy way);

Download the ENGLISH COURSES app and have fun learning English every day!

English courses - 100% free and without Internet - Learn english easily

Do not hesitate to contact us on: [email protected]

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