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Boards (previously Bliss): Reply Fast, Sell More Screenshot 1
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Boards (previously Bliss): Reply Fast, Sell More Screenshot 3
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About Boards (previously Bliss): Reply Fast, Sell More

For the business professional constantly communicating with customers on their phone, Boards (previously Bliss) makes messaging faster and more refined. Boards works seamlessly with popular messaging apps including iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Snap, TikTok, WeChat, and more.

Boards helps you build professional relationships with customers and scale your client base by improving customer support and increasing sales - all while maintaining the personal touch of direct communication.

Boards makes business messaging and live chat much more efficient and convenient on your mobile device. It works instantly on all the apps you already use. Just add the Boards keyboard extension and access it with just a click.

Boards won’t replace live human chat with a chatbot or automated messaging. It will enhance personal communication with your clients, allowing you to satisfy more clients, faster, on mobile messaging apps.

Why should you use Boards?

Customers’ expectations are only getting higher. The quality of the service you provide directly correlates with your responsiveness. With Boards, you’ll be able to focus on addressing your customers’ needs instead of re-typing the same content time-after-time.

Type less - do more! Avoid taking up time thinking of what to write and composing messages again and again. Instead, focus on conducting more follow ups, outreach, support, and valued customer service.

Send the right content, fast. With Boards you’ll have all the sales and service-related content you need at your fingertips while chatting with customers. Send promotional content, product catalogs, how-to videos, and more with just one tap.

Respond faster - Whether a client or prospect requests product information, business hours, payment options, or shipping details, with Boards you can instantly reply with one tap from your mobile device.

How people use Boards:

Social media marketers use Boards to share products on social groups at scale.
Shopify sellers answer customer questions faster to make more sales.
Personal trainers send video guides to their trainees to keep them engaged after class.
Direct Sellers and Network Marketers send outreach scripts and follow up messages to boost revenue.
E-Commerce merchants reply to live chat on the go. Some of them save shortcuts to product pages, so they’ll be available to be sent with only one tap.
Coaches send motivational posts to ignite conversation and stay connected between sessions.
Nutritionists easily send recipes and menus to clients on messaging apps.
Customer Support providers send answers to frequently asked questions with only one tap.
Small business owners reply fast to their customers with email templates.
Real estate agents send photos of homes and properties, neighborhood information, and follow-up messages to stay connected and close more deals.

With Boards, you can:

Easily access your preset-messages and business-related content on any messaging app.
Send message templates with a single tap.
Avoid repetitive typing.
Avoid “copy & pasting” from notes and other apps.

How it works:

Boards is a keyboard extension. You’ll keep using your standard keyboard for regular typing and easily switch to Boards when you need it.

Customize your Boards Keyboard - add text scripts, photos, videos, and any type of content through the content editor built into the app.

New content pieces are added as buttons on your customized keyboard.

Organize your content in folders - group common functions like: “Follow up messages,” “Outreach Scripts,” “Answers to FAQs,” “Product photos,” and more.

Boards is accessible in any messaging app! Easily access it by tapping the globe icon on your keyboard.

Your Boards keyboard is entirely customizable - you can always edit your content and add new content!

Boards is recommended by top leaders from Herbalife, Avon, Nu Skin, doTerra, Modere, Monat, Jafra, Forever Living, Rodan+Fields, Beachbody, Younique, Arbonne & more.

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I am a newbie too Herbalife have started it for weight loss and lost 2.5 stones so far and more recently have started training to sell the products I am so happy with the help I have been given and I love al...
Elaina Lindley
Amazing app! My group of coaches and myself, are using it on a daily basis almost within any interaction with our customers, which provides us with accurate and time-saving communication.
Guy Alony
As someone who is mobile first on a daily basis, the Boards app is a life saver. It is not only a time saver, but also helps me maintain a consistent voice and tone in my 1:1 communication. Love it!
David Citron
Wow! I was waiting for this kind of apl for years! It makes my affiliate business run on speeds
Ori Magen
This is a great app! It helps me to communicate with my customers in a super efficient and fast way!
Zina Klapterra