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About MakeShift

MakeShift puts your shift schedule at your finger tips. Pick up extra shifts, let your manager know you’re available to work, request time off, trade shifts with co-workers and more. MakeShift connects you with your workplace, makes scheduling better, improves communication and helps you balance shift work with your personal life.

Please note: in order to use the MakeShift app, your employer must be an existing MakeShift customer.

• View your up-to-date schedule at any time
• Get notified of open shifts that are available to you
• Set your own availability and let your manager know when you’re free to work
• Request time off
• Trade shifts with your co-workers or get a shift covered
• Receive instant notifications when your schedule is updated
• Clock in and out of work right from your phone
• See who else is working
• Sync your schedule with your calendar or share it with others
• Stay up-to-date on your company’s news and happenings

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