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About Nonogram - Logic Pic Puzzle - Picture Cross

Solve endless logic puzzles and get a bit smarter every day while having fun!

Sharpen your mind anywhere, anytime with easy to learn, hard to master nonogram logic puzzles (a.k.a. Picross, Griddler, Picture Cross), all while discovering awesome pixel art illustrations!

Challenge your brain with increasingly complex nonograms and feel smarter with every new logic puzzle solved!

Have your wits always one step ahead with the best brain training challege app!


If you’re already familiar with grid puzzles, logic games and picture puzzle games like sudoku and crosswords (or any sort of sudoku-like and crosswords-like variations) you’ll quickly get the hang of nonograms.

You only need to follow two steps to get started:

1-Look at the numbers at the ends the rows and columns;
2-Use logic to fill the blocks and discover the hidden picture!

Our quick in-game tutorial will have you solving picture cross challenge puzzles like a genius of sudoku -like puzzle games in no time!


💡SOLVE countless brain-teasing, easy-to-expert nonogram puzzles!

💡BEAT a challenge every day with the daily puzzles feature!

💡USE logic to color the blocks on the grids and reveal the pictures hidden underneath them. The simple and fun picross and nonogram brain training gameplay you know and love!

💡ENJOY hours upon hours of picross picture logic puzzles with varying difficulty: lots of fun for all ages and skill levels!

💡NO WI-FI NEEDED: play the game offline at any time! Solve a picture puzzle challenge whenever you feel that sudoku vibe!

💡DISCOVER beautiful pixel art pictures from different thematic sets in the biggest selection of picture cross puzzle categories yet! Puzzle Packs and logic quest options include famous landmarks, animals, everyday objects and movies. Lots of fun brain training and relaxing, stress relief cryptogram content!

💡SHOW OFF how smart you are by solving logic quest nonograms and daily puzzles with record speed in front of your friends or that special someone you wish to impress with your skills for sudoku and cryptogram - like puzzles!

💡AUTO-SAVE feature lets you resume your picross puzzle solving and brain training from where you left!

You might not know nonogram, griddlers, cryptogram or picross logic puzzles yet, but if you like similar brainteasers like crosswords and jigsaw puzzle games, you’ll love our logic challenges and brain training daily puzzles!

Complete fun thematic cryptogram puzzle sets and power-up your problem solving skills without even noticing it!

Enjoy an ever growing collection of thematic cryptogram level packs and mindfulness-focused daily puzzles and different modes to cater for every taste! From easy warm-up picture puzzle levels to daunting mind benders, carry a wide logic quest selection of fun nonogram logic challenges with you to play and start relaxing anywhere!

Try to beat every single relaxing cryptogram puzzle available and discover all the cool pixel-art images hiding beneath the nonogram boards! The bigger your pic collection is, the smarter your brain becomes!

Each solution you come up with for these deceptively simple number-based riddles counts as a complete mental workout in this incredible logic puzzle and pixel art brain training app! And if you like similar puzzles like crosswords, you'll have lots of fun with number based puzzles too, that also great of anxiety relief and stress relief!

And these cryptogram and griddler nonogram puzzles can also help you relax and get great anxiety relief, boosting concentration and mindfulness in a very productive way! Focus on wellness and letting go of stress while you solve a relaxing new batch of cryptogram puzzles!

Start boosting the power of your brain with this genius among picture puzzle games and crosswords games!

Go on your new favorite logic quest now in your new relaxing game of choice!

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I love it
Zahrah Iqbal
This game is so addicting..... I love it!
Holly Kinkel
Great game
Leanne Johnson