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About Jigsaw Puzzles - HD Puzzle Games

Enjoy the relaxing Jigsaw Puzzles to train your brain and calm your anxiety. Play Thousands of HD Jigsaw Puzzle games for free, have fun with no missing pieces. Welcome to the Jigsaw world!

Still looking for fun brain games and anxiety relief games? Download Jigsaw Puzzles and play tons of best free puzzles for adults. Challenge yourself with a free daily puzzle and become a jigsaw master! Create your own Jigsaw puzzles with your images/photos, easy and fun!

Jigsaw Puzzles contains thousands of high-quality HD pictures in a wide variety of collections, such as beautiful landmarks, wonderful food, interesting people, amazing art, lovely animals… You can freely choose from 4 difficulty levels, and play up to hundreds of pieces. The coin system brings you more fun. Play, earn coins, and unlock more free puzzle games! Try Mystery Puzzles and find hard puzzle games. It's not only a memory game for kids but also a calming and relaxing app for adults. Playing free Jigsaw puzzles online and offline using the app could help you save money on buying the physical ones. Tons of collections of puzzles, all in one app.

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🧩Key features
- Tons of free, beautiful HD puzzles from a variety of collections: Flowers, Animals, Landmarks, Oil paintings, Fruits, Landscapes, Sealife and more!
- Daily Puzzles. Get a free puzzle every day.
- Mystery Puzzles. Challenge yourself to complete unknown pictures.
- Coin system. Play, earn coins, and unlock new puzzles.
- Freely choose from 4 difficulty levels. You can be a Jigsaw master!
- Rotation mode. Turn on rotation to explore more challenging puzzles.
- Custom background. Choose a comfortable background for your puzzle challenge.
- Work on multiple puzzles at a time and see your progress.
- Create your own Jigsaw Puzzle. Use your own images/photos to create puzzles by yourself.
- Border mode. A mode for you to show the pieces in the borders only.

- Numerous HD picture puzzles: Browse from the library with hundreds of HD pictures in different Jigsaw Puzzles categories, including lovely pets, delicious foods, famous landscapes, beautiful illustrations...
- New puzzles released every day: Every new puzzle piece is unique and beautifully realistic!
- Daily challenge: Play a Jigsaw Puzzle game every day! Beautiful new puzzle pieces are waiting for you on Jigsaw Puzzle.
- Bookmark your favorite pictures: Save your favorite Jigsaw Puzzle and come back to play it whenever you want.
- Use the hints function when you are stuck: Don't worry. If you are stuck, check the original picture as many times as you like.
- Share your score on social media: Don't hesitate to share your Jigsaw Puzzle with your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest or just send them a message, invite them to join you, and feel relaxing and free Jigsaw Puzzles Games!
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As a kid, this is a Jigsaw Puzzle game app for you to train your brain, and to be smarter.
As an adult, this is a Jigsaw Puzzle game app for you to kill the time and relax. You won't feel bored.

Download and start solving beautiful free Jigsaw Puzzles!

Play Jigsaw Puzzles and check all the amazing collections! Create your masterpiece with it! It's the best Jigsaw Puzzle game for you to create your own Jigsaw Puzzles.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What kind of puzzles are available in the Jigsaw Puzzles app?

There are thousands of high-quality HD pictures in various collections, such as landmarks, food, people, art, and animals.

Can I create my own Jigsaw puzzles?

Yes, you can easily create your own puzzles using your own images/photos.

Are there different difficulty levels?

Yes, you can choose from 4 difficulty levels to challenge yourself.

Is there a daily puzzle?

Yes, you can enjoy a free daily puzzle.

How can I unlock new puzzles?

By playing and earning coins, you can unlock more free puzzle games.

Is there a rotation mode for puzzles?

Yes, you can turn on rotation mode to explore more challenging puzzles.

Can I work on multiple puzzles at a time?

Yes, you can work on multiple puzzles and track your progress.

Can I use my own images to create puzzles?

Yes, you can use your own images/photos to create personalized puzzles.

Are there any features to help when I am stuck?

Yes, you can use the hints function and refer to the original picture multiple times.

Can I share my puzzle scores on social media?

Yes, you can share your scores and puzzles with friends on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.
Amazing jigsaw puzzle! I enjoy solving the different puzzles.
Lakwan Crebott
This is a great jigsaw puzzle app to have a quality time.
Prabhnoor Garthshore
I like that you can pick how many pieces you want do
Iyonnah Fowkes
Excellent jigsaw puzzle app. Great selection of interesting puzzles.
Tanda Hearley
Tami Santora
The best game on the play store. It keeps me really happy
Stewart Tipling