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Remove Object from Photo with a single touch Screenshot 1
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About Remove Object from Photo with a single touch

You will be stunned by the simplicity and effectiveness of this technique! Learn how to auto-Remove Objects from your images in no time!. Use Remove Objects software to remove all unwanted items from photos.
This is one of best applications that lets you remove unwanted content from your photos using just the tip of your finger. It will help you save time to retouch your image with simple image processing, fast, effective and easy to use.

How to use touch & retouch?
1. Pick photo from camera or gallery
2. Choose objects you want to remove which selected in red
3. Press process button and see magic on your photo
4. Save or share this image to your friends

What you can do with Remove Unwanted object from photo :

- telephone wires and posts, power lines;
- surface breaks and scratches – both straight and curved;
- photobombers, scalado remove, and object remover;
- pimples and skin blemishes with lunapic photo editor;
- retouching human-made objects like stop lights, street signs, trash cans;
- whatever you feel is spoiling your photos.
- Remove Unwanted Objects with Life In LoFi Touch.

You can use Selection tools to select and then automatically remove unwanted details from the photo. Or you can use the Clone tool to manually copy detail from one part of the frame to another.

Quick Repair
Remove objects by just marking them

Innovative line removal
Flick over a piece of a line to remove it whole

One touch editing
Remove blemishes with a single touch
Removing Objects with Content-Aware Fill and Patch in

Removing unwanted objects
Mark an object with Lasso or brush
With Eraser, unmark any over marked areas
Tab Go to remove the objects
Removing Line
Select Line Remover
To remove a whole line, mark only a part of it
Select segment remover, and with it, mark a whole segment to remove it
Removing small objects quickly
Select quick brush
Start drawing over an objects. The moment you stop drawing, the object will disappear
Removing Blemishes
Select blemish remover
Tap an object to have it removed
Using clone stamp
Drag the source pointer to the location to take a pattern from
Start brushing with your finger where you want the cloned content to appear
Use Eraser to remove the object or area that has just been cloned