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About Enterprise Switch

Enterprise Office[1] Switch provids 1 Professional number applicable to employee with both Mobile + Fixe devices. Employees are reachable during working hours whether they are in the office or ‘on the road’. Office Switch combines a mobile number (Standard number) and a fixed-line number (Professional (Switch) number) on one mobile device
• Employees are reachable on their smartphone even when not in the office. It is no longer necessary to set “Call forwarding”.
• A professional number is always shown even when calling back from a mobile device (during business hours).
• With Enterprise Switch solutions you manage 2 phones on the same device.

Enterprise Office Switch is available via monthly subscription.

[1] Mobile Switch Solution exists also for Mobile user only. The Mobile Switch service flavour allows the Customer to combine two mobile numbers (one Standard number and one Professional (Switch) number) on one mobile device. Either of the numbers can be new or existing.
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