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About Trucks Off Road

Have you ever wanted to build your own mud truck? Well now you can in Trucks Off Road without getting your hands dirty!

With real mud and water physics, a real damage system and proper truck handling this is as close as you'll get to the real thing. From the developers of Monster Truck Destruction comes Trucks Off Road, the next generation of mega truck fun.

There are currently 8 mud parks to compete in with various game modes such as;
FREESTYLE - get the highest score by combining tricks and stunts
CIRCUIT RACING - Go head to head against your rivals
DRAG RACING - Knockout drag, do you have the fastest truck in a straight line?
MUD BOGGING - Can you pass through all of the gates in the quickest time?
OPEN PLAY - Non-competitive timed event to cruise around the park and show off

Over 400 unique parts to choose from to customize your truck to make it look and perform the way you want it to. Paint panels, parts and decals. Fit different fenders, hoods and panels. Upgrade to different chassis types. You can also increase power by adding cubic inches, superchargers, and turbochargers along with exhausts and other items. Don't forget traction, you'll need upgraded tires to tackle some of the huge hills. If you punish your truck too much it'll need repairing. If you feel your truck is worthy of showing the world, regardless of its condition, then upload photos of your truck to your Facebook account.

Play in Single Event mode to win gold trophies in each game mode or play in Career mode to win Championship belts. When you think you're the best check out the Leaderboards to see if you really are the best. See if you can unlock all of the 30+ achievements.

With more updates to come you can be sure that this is going to be game worth investing in as it will continue to grow and expand.

Make sure you play with your device connected to the internet to gain access to the latest content and features, and to ensure that your profile is backed up (Enable Cloud Save in the Options screen).

For technical support or feedback, [email protected]

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I build my own mud truck in Trucks Off Road?

Yes, you can build your own mud truck in Trucks Off Road without getting your hands dirty.

What game modes are available in Trucks Off Road?

Trucks Off Road offers various game modes, including freestyle, circuit racing, drag racing, mud bogging, and open play.

How many mud parks are there in Trucks Off Road?

Currently, there are 8 mud parks available for competition in Trucks Off Road.

Can I customize my truck in Trucks Off Road?

Yes, you can customize your truck with over 400 unique parts, including paint panels, decals, fenders, hoods, chassis types, power upgrades, tires, and more.

What is Single Event mode in Trucks Off Road?

Single Event mode allows you to compete and win gold trophies in each game mode.

Is there a Career mode in Trucks Off Road?

Yes, there is a Career mode where you can win Championship belts.

Are there Leaderboards in Trucks Off Road?

Yes, Trucks Off Road features Leaderboards where you can compare your skills and achievements with others.

Is there online connectivity required to play Trucks Off Road?

It is recommended to play with your device connected to the internet to access the latest content and features, as well as to ensure your profile is backed up.

Where can I find technical support or provide feedback for Trucks Off Road?

You can reach out to [email protected] for technical support or feedback.

Is there a website and a Facebook page for Trucks Off Road?

Yes, you can visit for more information and also check out the Trucks Off Road Facebook page at
Love this game
Xyruz Matthew Reyes
Cool game
Rene Rowe
Giving you guys a 5 star bc the game is amazing.. but am having a little issue. I switched phones and my game from my old phone did not transfer over, which I had a lot done on... Any ideas?
Daniel Lewis
Great game fun and not too hard to controle
Manuel Villoch
I love trucks
Joshua Cochran
Satish B.B