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About Barometer

Advertisement free barometer and altimeter* application, which uses your device's built in pressure sensor*.
You can set the unit of the pressure to millibar (mbar), to hectopascal (hPa), to inche of mercury (inHg) or to millimeter of mercury (mmHg) and you can set the unit of the altitude to meters (m), to feet (ft) or to yards (yd).
There is an option to display pressure in the notification bar.
*Not every Android device has pressure sensor!
*The weather affects the result of the altitude!

Works great, the UI is very clean and appealing, too. It'd be cool to be able to adjust the scale (min/max) of the dial -- up here in Salt Lake City it's always nearly below the dial. 😊
Mack Dacre
Great app! I see a few others that are cool too! Are you going to get a wear os version for the barometer soon? I love the simplicity of both!
Matthew Watkins
Try include a barometer calibration feature to adjust accuracy if in case it's not correct
Pokémon Ü