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About Mediflow

Mediflow is aimed to keep patients and general users in connected with the hospital by automatically sending his/her history, records, images, lab reports and medications through the system. With this, patients will be able to gather their information from all hospitals they visit and share or retrieve as per requirement. This system is believed to keep not only patients at comfort but also hospitals by connecting with the large bulk of potential patients.


1. Date wise, Hospital wise and Doctor wise OPD checkup & Admission
2. Date, sample, hospital and test wise lab report & Abnormal result information
3. Test wise and date wise image and video files for radiology reports
4. Medicine prescribed by doctor or regular medicine entered by user, then activate
mobile’s alarm when patient should take medicine
5. Beneficial for regular checkup of glucose level and blood pressure at home or anywhere
6. Reminder for follow up
7. Patient can search available special beds like ICU, CCU, Ventilator etc.
8. Patient can pay deposit, payable due list
9. Patient can manage & search their medical document where they can get EMR
integrated system