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About Senior Safety App, GPS Tracker, Fall Alerts & More

Senior Safety App was designed to be installed on the Seniors smartphone. Caregivers get safety alerts with monitoring options via an online secure control panel. The app is popular with caregivers, concerned children of seniors and senior care homes too.

Monitor phone location & activity remotely over a web browser. Using a state-of-the-art GPS tracker, Senior Safety App helps you keep your elderly loved ones safe, with alerts for emergency help requests, malicious apps, phone falling, phone being inactive for a long time, app installs or uninstalls, entry/exit from geo-locations (buildings, streets, cities or neighborhoods), network changes (sim card change) and low battery alerts.

This app is to be installed on the Seniors phone. Caregivers use their email on the program and they can review alerts and reports via our online console at

The app includes easy to use round-robin calling to reach one of the emergency contacts, this ensures help is received even if some emergency contacts may not answer their phone. This app was designed to help the elderly lead an independent life with their loved ones accessible at just a click of a button.

Simple. Easy. Powerful.

SOS & Alarm
Quickly request help when needed! SOS is easy to access option that is always available on the task list. Clicking this option sends out a text alert to multiple individuals, and each alert automatically includes the current device location. Single click option to call all emergency contacts one by one until the phone is answered. Powerful alarm function included for attracting attention during emergencies.

24/7 Senior GPS tracker
Monitor the seniors phone remotely from your dashboard to track current location and location history of up to 90 days. Keep an eye on your senior loved ones and ensure they travel safe, get their exercise and stay out of dangerous situations.

Fall Alert
If the phone user was to either has a fall or a sudden jerk while driving, the phone will send out a message to you. This settings sensitivity can be modified based on the phone user’s lifestyle.

Geo-fence Zone Alert
Receive alerts when the device leaves or enters a pre-configured geo-fence area, such as a neighborhood, a town or metropolitan area. Geo-fence alerts are sent out to your email with the current location of the device.

Inactivity Tracker
For seniors who live alone, this is a very important feature to let others know if they have been immobile for an extended amount of time. You can configure the time in hours based on the person's lifestyle. Receive alerts to your email.

Low Battery Alert
Phone is often the only contact with the outside world for many seniors, hence, keeping it charged is of utmost importance. Configure when you want to get alerts based on battery availability.

App Usage Report & Alerts
Review a list of apps that are in use on the phone with the time spent on each, receive an alert whenever a new app is installed or an existing app removed. Malicious apps have become commonplace with some that are specifically targetted to seniors.

Emergency Medical Information
Often details like doctors name, phone, medications, allergies, and other pertinent medical information remain unavailable during emergencies. Senior Safety App ensures all this and more is available at your fingertips if an emergency was to occur.

The Senior Safety App is popular with assisted living facilities, home healthcare companies and healthcare workers working with seniors across the world.


Email us your questions at [email protected]

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