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About Meep - public transport, taxi and more

Getting around the city can be a challenge. Now there are so many transport options between trains 🚆, metros 🚇, buses 🚍, light rails 🚈, ferries ⛴️or even scooters 🛴, bicycles 🚴, taxis 🚕and finally ride shares like Uber or’s complicated. Enter: Meep! We have created an app that shows you how to move from A to B in a highly personalized way. We have the ultimate journey planner that has all city transportation. Our algorithm finds the best route, and can create combinations between the bus, train, metro, city bicycles, scooters, taxis and even shared cars.

But it doesn’t end there. In some places like Malta, you can also use Meep to not only book your ride, but also pay - directly through the app. You no longer need more than one app. Many users have already joined our mobility revolution. Meepers have access to all the bus, metro and ferry schedules, but also real-time information including arrival and wait times, diversions, delays or incidents. Meep displays all the transportation nearby your location - shared, train lines and bus stops.

All transportation, public and private, more accessible than ever in Lisbon, Malaga, Valencia and Malta. Till now, we had to choose between the bus, metro or bike, but Meep is the first to offer the option to combine any and all modes in the same journey, all according to your preferences.

All transportation, public and private,

🚌🚇Public Transportation Meep has agreements with all public operators where the app is available. This means all your updates and info through Meep for:
•EMT Málaga
•EMT Valencia
•Malta Public Transport
•Metro Málaga
•Metro Valencia
•Metropolitano de Lisboa
•Ferry Valeta-Sliema
•Comboios de Portugal

🚗🛴Sharing Modes In cities that have shared transportation, you will find all of the necessary information including stations, locations, availability, battery levels and costs in Meep.
•GoTo Mobility
•Blinkee City

🚴Public Bicycles In cities with public bikes, we show all the information about bike stations and renting.

🚕Taxi You also have the option to reserve and pay for taxis from the app when you prefer to take a cab.
•RadioTaxi España

Real-Time Arrival Times Whenever possible, your journey is adapted to real, current conditions and you have the most accurate time table.

🔔Notifications guide you in real-time during your trip so that you don’t miss any service issues or changes.

🤸Travel preferences allow you to customize suggestions about how you get around the city and to select the modes of transportation you want to see in your route searches

💳Payments For cities where app payments are available, you can enter your VISA, Mastercard or travel pass cards and easily pay for trips through Meep. In cities like Malta, you can include the Tallinja Card or Explore Plus Meep.

🏃‍♀️On-The-Go in the app’s menu where you can find all about every active trip.

🧳Trips contains your trip history along with a calendar.

We’d love to help you see transportation in a new way to create livable and sustainable cities. To achieve this goal, we work tirelessly to launch Meep in even more cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Las Palmas & Bilbao. Tell us your suggestions on Facebook, Twitter. or [email protected] Want to learn more? Visit


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