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About Walkbox Self-Guided Tours

Discover Portugal and uncover the stories behind incredible places with carefully curated self-guided walking tours. Walkbox helps you connect with the essence of beautiful cities and outdoors and experience their cultural and natural heritage.

• Spend more time discovering and less time researching.
• Save money on guided tours and enjoy the freedom to explore on your own like a curious local.
• Discover points of interest you will only find on Walkbox.
• Learn the stories and details behind landmarks and hidden gems with an unprecedented depth.
• Enjoy high-quality content in English and Portuguese.
... and right now, enjoy free access to all content and maps, including offline maps.

• City walks in historical centres, including sightseeing, cultural and street art tours.
• Seafront and beach walks.
• Hikes along beautiful paths in the best outdoor areas and natural parks.
• Hand-picked cafes, pastry-shops, restaurants and bars.

• Exclusive self-guided walking tours carefully curated and tested by specialists.
• Unmatched level of detail with over 50 points of interest on city tours and 20 on nature walks.
• Be inspired by outstanding galleries of original photos.
• Engaging content with texts and audio guides on photos and maps.
• Seamless navigation to the walk starting point.
• 100% offline operation to save data costs and self-guide in areas with no network coverage.
• Share personalised walk photo highlights with friends.

• Ultra-fast and innovative user interface.
• Very intuitive and easy to use.
• Made for the curious and the enthusiast.
• Save your Favourite and Completed walks.
• Full Dark Mode viewing experience.

• Beautiful customised maps, including city, urban-outdoors, contour and satellite maps.
• Light and Dark maps to adapt to light conditions.
• Download offline maps for each region separately.

• Walkbox is a standalone App that does not require any kind of user login and personal data.
• Walkbox uses GPS to track your location in real-time to help you follow the walking route on the map.
• What happens on your phone, including your location data, stays on your phone.
• Walkbox does not access, store or use any of your personal data and has no access to information identifying your device.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why should I choose Walkbox?

Walkbox allows you to spend more time exploring and less time researching. It also saves you money on guided tours and provides unique points of interest that you won't find elsewhere.

What types of walking tours does Walkbox offer?

Walkbox offers city walks in historical centers, seafront and beach walks, hikes in natural parks, and hand-picked recommendations for cafes, pastry shops, restaurants, and bars.

What can I expect from the user experience of Walkbox?

Walkbox offers exclusive self-guided walking tours curated and tested by specialists. It provides a high level of detail with numerous points of interest, engaging content with texts and audio guides, seamless navigation to the starting point, and the ability to operate offline.

How is the design of Walkbox?

Walkbox has an ultra-fast and innovative user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. It is designed for curious and enthusiastic individuals and offers a full Dark Mode viewing experience.

Does Walkbox provide maps?

Yes, Walkbox provides customised maps, including city, urban-outdoors, contour, and satellite maps. You can also download offline maps for each region separately.

Is my privacy protected with Walkbox?

Yes, Walkbox is a standalone app that does not require any user login or personal data. It only uses GPS to track your location in real-time for navigation purposes. Walkbox does not access, store, or use any of your personal data.