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About RFH - Detective Murder Mystery

Time is running out: Outsmart the killer and save Zoe before it's too late! Investigate a realistic criminal case that only YOU can solve!


Zoe has been missing for 3 days. Has the Bluepine killer struck again? Her friend Emilia is about to lose hope when YOU suddenly appear in her chat. At this moment, she has no idea what role you will play in this gripping criminal case.

πŸ” Criminal Case – Investigate undercover, collect evidence, solve puzzles, and find the killer!
😱 Immersive & Varied – Receive pictures, calls, podcasts, and videos!
❀️ New Friends – Deepen your relationships with interesting characters, but think carefully about whom you trust!

Will you be able to uncover the secrets of REDFIR HILLS? Can you distinguish truth from lies? Can you protect your new friends from the doom they have awakened?


You take the main role in the story. Your chat messages and decisions change the course of the criminal case. Become a detective and start your investigation! But pay close attention to whom you can trust!

πŸ€” Make Decisions – In this crime detective game, you are the main character!
🀩 Realistic Chat Game – Stay connected with your new friends via messenger.
🀫 Spy Mode – Solve hacks and secretly read the chats of people from Redfir Hills!


Redfir Hills is a sleepy small town by a lake, surrounded by mountains and dark forests. Where the deep water is shrouded in fog most of the year, the barrier between worlds has always been slightly more permeable than elsewhere. But now, a terror has crawled out of the shadows that will shake the idyllic Redfir Hills to its core.

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Detective Game in English – Experience the interactive criminal story in English!
πŸ’― Indie Game – From the team behind β€œThe Parallax” comes this detective game.
😻 Updates – REDFIR HILLS is a series. You decide how the story continues.


If you're a fan of detective games like I am Innocent, Duskwood, or Moonvale, then REDFIR HILLS is just right for you! The spooky and horror factor is not to be underestimated either!

Download now and start your interactive criminal case adventure as a detective! Don't worry, the True Crime story of RFH will always remain free!

Become part of the global community of REDFIR HILLS, the Murder Mystery Adventure!

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