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About Entrena - Home Workout (Exercises & Routines)

Gym and fitness at home. Do exercises and routines, lose weight or get fit.

It is a complete free application that will allow you to get fit in a simple and funny way. It also has a series of premium paid exercises. You can choose to individually unlock it or doing it by monthly or annual subscription.

[b]Free training[/b]

It includes the following groups of exercises:

- General warm-up
- Basic abs
- Buttocks
- Arms
- Legs

[b]Premium exercises[/b]

- Train with dumbbells
- Fitball
- Chair exercises for the whole body
- Intense abs
- Flexibility

[b]Configure and customize the app[/b]

From the settings window you can customize the app. Among other things you can:

- Choose between dark theme and light theme
- Enable or disable voice help
- Enable or disable the warm-up suggestion before each exercise
- Set a daily reminder at the time you want to warn you with a notification
- Set whether the week starts on Monday or Sunday
- Manage your premium subscriptions in the app

[b]Calendar and exercise history[/b]

Access from the history tab to all the exercises and routines that you have followed using the app.

You can navigate between months to see your constancy over time. Additionally you have the list of exercises for each month separated by days.

You can also view information about the time you did the exercise and for how long you were training.


With the monthly or annual subscription you will have full access to the application. Browse without limits through all the exercise groups and workouts. Also you will be able to navigate without ads throughout the app.

If you are still not sure you can get the free trial for 7 days. If you cancel before the billing period, no charge will be charged to your card.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Entrena - Home Workout?

Entrena - Home Workout is a free application that allows you to do exercises and routines at home to help you get fit or lose weight.

Are there premium exercises available?

Yes, there are premium exercises available in the app such as training with dumbbells, fitball exercises, chair exercises for the whole body, intense abs, and flexibility exercises.

Can I customize the app?

Yes, you can customize the app from the settings window. You can choose between dark theme and light theme, enable or disable voice help, enable or disable the warm-up suggestion before each exercise, set a daily reminder, and choose whether the week starts on Monday or Sunday.

Is there a calendar and exercise history feature?

Yes, the app has a calendar and exercise history feature. You can access your exercise and routine history, navigate between months, and view information about the time and duration of your training.

How can I access all the features?

You can access all the features by subscribing to the monthly or annual subscription. This will give you full access to the application, unlimited browsing through exercise groups and workouts, and an ad-free experience. You can also opt for a free trial for 7 days before committing to a subscription.
very useful
Subhash Pawar
It's so simple for home workout! Hoping to get more exercise soon!
Neesan Varghese
Good app
Sarnoor Singh