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About All Recovery

All recovery app can quickly restore deleted photos, videos, audios & contacts instantly from your device or SD card.

File Recovery app is the recycle bin for Android, the #1 utility to recover deleted photos. It's a quick and efficient way to undelete files or permanently delete files and recover recently deleted videos from a device or SD card. Photo and data recovery has never been easier!

Think of it as the recycle bin for Android, your go-to utility for retrieving deleted photos. It's a fast and efficient solution for both file recovery and permanent file deletion, ensuring you can easily recover recently deleted videos. Experience a hassle-free journey to photo and data recovery!

Key Features of the App:

♻Deleted Photos Recovery:♻
Our user-friendly file recovery app lets you restore deleted photos to their original quality with just one click.

♻Deleted Videos Recovery:♻
All Files Recovery will promptly recover your deleted videos, whether they were recently deleted, permanently deleted, or even hidden.

♻Deleted Contacts Recovery:♻
Accidentally delete your contacts? Our app is here to help you recover those lost contact numbers and create a backup.

♻Duplicate Remover:♻
We've included a handy duplicate remover feature that identifies duplicate pictures, videos, audios, and documents on your phone's internal and external memory.

♻File Recovery:♻
Our app is a super file recovery tool that efficiently scans and recovers deleted photos and media files without root access.

Features of Recover Deleted All Photos, Files And Contacts App

✅ Best Free photo backup app
✅ You will be able to restore all deleted photos
✅ Android data recovery is possible
✅ Restore deleted الصور and أشرطة فيديو in original quality
✅ Undelete & recover deleted photos, videos, and audio
✅ Permanently delete - delete files completely to ensure that your data is not leaked
✅ Take recovery of all apps
✅ A feature of auto backup in Contact is also available
✅ Delete the duplicate image, video, audio, and documents, etc
✅Your backup data is available in history
✅ Save your contacts in the favorite list
✅Provide Device information (Storage Info)

Gallery Restoration: You'll find your old deleted photos and videos back in your gallery with ease.

Auto Backup: We've even added an auto backup feature for your contacts, ensuring you never lose them accidentally.

Permanently Delete: Worried about data security? We offer a feature to completely delete files to prevent data leakage.

App Data Recovery: Our app can recover data from various apps on your device.

Favorite Contacts: Easily save your important contacts to your favorites list for quick access.

Device Information: Access essential device information, including storage details.

Recover Deleted All Photos, Files, and Contacts App is your best solution for backing up photos, videos, contacts, and documents while also providing top-notch recovery capabilities. Rest assured that your precious data is in safe hands. Get started with effortless deleted file recovery today!

File Recovery app will help recover deleted photos, videos & audio.

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