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About Pango and friends

Discover 5 unpublished PANGO stories !
An interactive book to share with your child.

Pango is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Share quality time with your little one where the reading comes with action and games.

TOUCH, SHAKE, RUB, SCRATCH, TICKLE... the young reader interacts with the book and drives the story forward.

Funny adventures, animated stories, brightly coloured drawings and sweet characters. Try PANGO !

An application very easy to use and very reliable. You can surf through your chosen story thanks to the different illustrated tabs.

In each new album, find 5 unpublished stories + 1 bonus game (your little ones will love it).

Sweet and lovable, everyone will adopt it !

Also visit the website and discover numerous printable free activities : colouring books, invitation cards, puzzles, drawings ... quite a choice to keep little hands busy!

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How many unpublished PANGO stories can I discover?

You can discover 5 unpublished PANGO stories.

In which languages is PANGO available?

PANGO is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

How can I interact with the PANGO book?

You can touch, shake, rub, scratch, and tickle the book to interact with it and drive the story forward.

What can I expect from PANGO?

You can expect funny adventures, animated stories, bright-colored drawings, and sweet characters from PANGO.

How can I navigate through the different stories in the PANGO application?

You can navigate through the different stories using the illustrated tabs in the application.

What will I find in each new album of PANGO?

In each new album, you will find 5 unpublished stories and 1 bonus game that your little ones will love.

Is PANGO suitable for everyone?

Yes, PANGO is sweet and lovable, and everyone will adopt it.

Where can I find additional activities related to PANGO?

You can visit the website to discover numerous printable free activities such as coloring books, invitation cards, puzzles, and drawings.
A Google user
My daughter adores this book, she spends hours playing it and she's only two!
Please, please can you make all the languages available VIA THE MENU for ALL the Pango apps? Then I'd buy more!!
jan morgan
You can't go wrong with this series of interactive books. I recommend them all!
A Google user
I love this book
Maryland's Missing and the Murdered
My 2 and 3 year old love these games. We sit down together and play through them. They are like interactive books.
Swati Swoboda