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About Winter Walk

It's a blustery winter's day so grab your finest coat and try not to lose your hat as you stroll and ponder. Remember that despite the days getting shorter and the nights lasting longer a Victorian gentleman should always pursue his evening constitutional to keep his mind fresh and his limbs nimble!

Winter Walk is a simple quirky game suitable for ladies and gentlemen of all ages and occupations. Developed by Monster and Monster as a little winter treat for all you wonderful people.


- Tap anywhere on the screen to start walking 🏃
- Whilst walking tap and hold the screen to grab onto your hat 👆
- See how far you can stroll without losing your (very fashionable) top hat 🎩


- Keep an eye on your top hat! If it wobbles you should probably hold on tight! ❄️

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Very good game I can't wait for a new game
cheesbunny gaming
The most insightful walk you'll ever take. Kojima spent years developing a walking sim in an attempt to copy the transcendent experience that is Winter Walk. He failed. Obtain this instead and bask in its go...
Kite Lele
Still waiting on Spring and Summer Walk...
David Stump