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About Word Master PRO

Will you become a new champion in our challenging fast paced word search game Word Master? How many unique English words will you find? Challenge people from all around the world and go for highscores!

Word Master is an original highscores word search game with 3 game modes (Challenge, Quick, Relax), addicting gameplay and over 500 000 English words included!

Word Master requires fast thinking and typing, but if you prefer to play with no pressure, then you can play an untimed relax mode.

Collect extra bonuses on your way to TOP20 highscores by completing bonus words!

Word Master has no ads, no In-App purchases and can be played offline.


✓ Addicting word search game for all ages
✓ 3 game modes - Challenge, Quick and Relax
✓ Review words at the end of each game
✓ Dynamic scoring + bonuses
✓ Over 500 000 English words included
✓ Learn new English vocabulary and improve your spelling and typing skills
✓ Global leaderboards included - compare your score with other people from all around the world
✓ More games you play = better overall score you get
✓ Share your score with your friends
✓ Can be played on older devices + doesn't require internet connection


✓ Tap on the letters in the bottom part of the screen in order to create English words. Each word must have at least 3 letters and must be unique.
✓ The game automatically recognizes if the word exists or not, if yes then the SUBMIT button will appear, press it to submit your word. Remember, longer words you create, better score you get!
✓ You can end the game and submit your overall score anytime you want by pressing the GREEN TICK button in the top right corner.
✓ To erase the single letter just tap on it. To erase all the letters press the ERASE button.
✓ To shuffle/mix the letters press the SHUFFLE button.
✓ You can enable/disable auto-clearing of your word after it's submitted, just tap on a CLEARING check-box. This will allow you to create new words faster for example in case that you want to remove just some letters from your word or add some extra letters!

Example of clearing option:

(Clearing enabled - by default)
* You create a word HORSE, after the word is submitted the whole word is erased and you must type it again + add a letter S in order to create a new word HORSES

(Clearing disabled)
* You create a word HORSE, after the word is submitted you can just add S and you have a new word HORSES without retyping the whole word!


✓ Challenge - 75 seconds time limit, each word created from 4 or more letters will add extra seconds!
✓ Quick - 120 seconds time limit. Think & type fast as many words as you can!
✓ Relax - no time limit, play as long as you want!


+points for each word
+50 For each 5th word
+75 For all used letters
+75 Every 5-letter word
+100 Every 6-letter word
+150 if you use every letter as the first letter
+200 7-letters words
+300 8-letters words


✓ Set your preferred layout (for shuffle/erase buttons)
✓ Set size of the letters (big/small)
✓ Turn on/off score submissions
✓ Show hide bonus marks on the letters

Have fun with Word Master PRO and if you like the game and want to support it please leave a review and rate the game.

Thank you for your support.

If you find any bug, please let us know at [email protected], we will be very happy to fix it!

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Keeps ir my thinking
Stacy L. Howell
This game Relaxing me this game so funny you can play this game with other users (onlinr or offline )?
So many vocab i didnt know haha
Syayful Muhammad
Frederick Camacho
You guys make a lot of nice games. Can you make a word association one like iassociate or red herring or anything along those lines? I like these but sometimes I want to put order to the chaos
I've knocked 1 star off, simply because I would love to see a two player option. Where two people with the game installed on separate devices, one player sends a game request to the other. Once accepted, the...
James French