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About Vox Telecom

Control your Vox Telecom services anytime, anywhere…
Sign in with your existing Vox Telecom Customer Zone username and password to view and manage the services you’re subscribed to 24/7.
The Vox Telecom app enables you to manage your DSL and mobile data services from anywhere.
It’s free and easy to use!

Features include:

· View your usage
· Adjust your usage cap
· Update password
· Sync your line speed
· Reset the port

Mobile Data
· View your usage
· Adjust your usage cap

Contact support

See the latest promotions

Get network notifications

Get answers to product specific questions

View your invoices from the past 24 months

Prieur Du Plessis
I had an issue with the app not connecting. Teboho K from customer service contacted me and sorted the problem. App is up and running.
Hadley Hudson
Exceptional,beyond expectation
Ronnie Rampersad