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About Grainfather Community

Brand new design and exciting new features for home brewers at any level of experience. Connect with the global home brewing community and enjoy your craft wherever you go. Our new and improved Community Mobile App allows you to create, brew and share beer recipes using a variety of brewing tools, calculators, recipe styles and equipment profiles.

Use our step by step messaging system to guide you through a brew on ANY brewing system as well as connect remotely to the Grainfather Connect Control Box. You can read articles, take our Brewing 101 Course and keep track of Home Brew and Craft Beer Events on the go.
With new offline use, you can create recipes offline and sync them to your profile when you connect again.

- Brand new user interface
- Upgraded messaging system to guide you through the brewing process. Now also available on non-Grainfather equipment
- 22 Brewing Calculators to improve accuracy and efficiency and make every brew replicable
- Explore and brew thousands of community recipes
- Create mash and fermentation profiles once, and easily import them into your recipes and brew sessions
- Create and manage your recipes with more styles available (now supporting BJCP Beer, BJCP Cider, BJCP Mead, and Brewers Association styles)
- Share recipes and sessions with your friends
- Manage your brewing equipment, compatible with all brewing systems
- Manage ingredient profiles and add custom ingredients
- Monitor and manage fermentation with a range of different IoT devices including ​Tilt, Plaato, BrewBrain Float and iSpindel
- Create and edit recipes, brew sessions and equipment profiles without an internet connection and your changes will be synced when you’re back online
- Recipe editor now has a new recipe stats view
- Personalise your brewing experience according to your level of experience and favourite beer styles
- Take our Brewing 101 course and start your experience with some basic brewing knowledge
- Explore articles on all things brewing
- Customise your account settings
- Check out brewing events happening locally or around the world

Note: Bluetooth connection may be lost depending on distance from the Grainfather. If this happens the Grainfather will continue without the device. Once you come back into range the device will reconnect automatically.

Please view our privacy policy for information on the data we collect and marketing messages you may receive when providing us with your details.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the Grainfather Community Mobile App?

The Grainfather Community Mobile App is a platform that allows home brewers to create, brew, and share beer recipes using various brewing tools, calculators, recipe styles, and equipment profiles. It also offers a step-by-step messaging system to guide brewers through the brewing process and allows remote connectivity to the Grainfather Connect Control Box.

What features does the Grainfather Community Mobile App offer?

The app offers a brand new user interface, an upgraded messaging system available on non-Grainfather equipment, 22 brewing calculators for improved accuracy and efficiency, access to thousands of community recipes, the ability to create and manage mash and fermentation profiles, recipe sharing with friends, equipment management for all brewing systems, fermentation monitoring with IoT devices, offline recipe creation and syncing, personalized brewing experience options, access to a Brewing 101 course, articles on brewing, and customizable account settings.

Can I use the Grainfather Community Mobile App without an internet connection?

Yes, you can create and edit recipes, brew sessions, and equipment profiles without an internet connection. Any changes made will be synced when you reconnect to the internet.

What happens if the Bluetooth connection between the app and the Grainfather is lost?

If the Bluetooth connection is lost due to distance from the Grainfather, the device will continue operating without it. Once you come back into range, the device will automatically reconnect.

Is my data secure when using the Grainfather Community Mobile App?

Please refer to our privacy policy for information on the data we collect and the marketing messages you may receive when providing us with your details. You can find our privacy policy at: [insert link to privacy policy].
I love it! I don't understand the 1☆ reviews? This app (& hardware) works flawlessly for me (s8 & s10); I'm only on brew #8 but find it simple & effective for entering, finding, sharing and managing recipes....
Ken Brown
Greg Hutchinson
Excellent app, superb & responsive customer support, with quick turnaround time for fixing problems. Onto the next brew!
Steve Dwyer
Maybe it's just beginners luck, but both my G30 and BrewBrain "Float" worked 1st time. I've not got it to work with my GF Conical Fermenter yet....
Daithi Wright
Has every bit of info you need and a whole lot
Brad Washington
Thanks for the help sorting the issue, uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the Brew Sessions in the App, and usefull to know that there is a character limit in the notes section of the brew session. The new ...
Justin Willetts