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About Wheel of Brain - Turbo

Do you like word games, but fortune wheel style gameplay is too slow?
Do you like hangman games, but those are not really exciting?
Then Wheel of Brain - Turbo that you need!

*Now with Online Multiplayer Game*

Hidden puzzles have to be figured out by guessing letters. At each level you start with 5,000 points, if you guess well, you get points, otherwise lose points. When you solve the puzzle, your level score is added to your total score and the next level comes. If there were only a few bad tips, you can spin the Wheel for extra points after every level.
At the end of the game you can upload your total score to the eternal rankings, to compete with other players.
The game is getting harder by every level: you lose more and more points at bad tips, and you can make less and less mistakes to spin the Wheel.

To download the questions, you need an internet connection at the beginning of the game, because the questions are not stored on the phone but on a constantly updated server.

Any errors or ideas are welcome at [email protected]

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