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About S-kladom Pro

S-kladom is a simple game about warehouse management. However, simple does not mean easy. Carelessness begets mess, and mess quickly leads to loss ;)

- Easy to learn
- Campaign with 250+ levels
- Map editor
- Clean UI
- Smooth animations

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is S-kladom Pro?

S-kladom Pro is a simple game about warehouse management.

Is the game easy to learn?

Yes, S-kladom Pro is easy to learn.

How many levels are there in the campaign?

The campaign in S-kladom Pro consists of 250+ levels.

Can I create my own maps in the game?

Yes, S-kladom Pro has a map editor feature that allows players to create their own maps.

Are the animations in the game smooth?

Yes, the animations in S-kladom Pro are smooth.
Great puzzle game I absolutely love it! This app doesn't ask for crazy permissions or anything like that. I have downloaded multiple games from this developer and they are great.
Michael Dickey
Excellent game and excellent developer. I've been playing some of your games for years since you make simple yet very entertaining puzzle/strategy games and specially love not having ads in them. I'll gladly...
German Garcia
I haven't played a game by this developer that I haven't enjoyed yet. They don't bombard you with ads, they don't upsell you with microtransactions and you're not perpetually prodded to add your friends. Thi...
Whit Waldo
Okay quick question, why is every game this guy throws onto the market so insanely good? I don't know what it is but I love each of them and this one is no exception. It's the first game that made box stacki...
Jonathan Jochem