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About Sleek Stats - Softball StatKeeper

Ditch the scorebook and effortlessly keep softball (or baseball) scores, stats, & standings from your phone, whether for yourself, your team, or an entire league!

With this stat-keeping app, you can manage, update, view, share, and export stats. All stats kept are saved both on your device and to a cloud database, allowing for easy access across devices and sharing with teammates.

Stats include:

At Bats, Hits, 1B, 2B, 3B, HR, Walks, Runs, RBI, Stolen Bases, Sac Flies, Outs, AVG, OBP, SLG, & OPS

Wins, Losses, Ties, Win%, Runs Scored, Runs Allowed, & Run Differential

Player Statkeeper
* Manage your stats on your phone! You can quickly update, add, or subtract stats and everything will be calculated and saved immediately!


Team Statkeeper
* Add and remove players
* Edit your lineup both before and during games
* Keep stats for games as they happen
* View game recaps
* Quickly scroll through individual player pages
* Export your stats in a CSV file
* Share your team with others, allowing them to also view and/or manage your team stats


League Statkeeper
*Everything great about Team Statkeeper, but for every team in your league


View more features in action here:

All you have to do is move the batter and runners to their positions and set the play and the stats will be automatically updated.

You can customize the number of innings and the rules for male/female batting order (line-up can be automatically sorted or have auto-outs added to adhere to these rules)

A stable network connection is required when creating a statkeeper and recommended whenever updating stats.

This app also works for kickball - you can keep and share kickball stats and scores!

This app uses DragListView from Magnus Woxblom which is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, and can be obtained here:

This app uses material icons from

crazy boys Parker tyson
My phone crashed and this app kept everything over several years couldn't be happier how this app works!!!!!
Justin Breese
Nice app for stat tracking. No ads or trying to get to you subscribe. The only thing I would like to see is SF and PA stats displayed. You can enter them and they will change your OPS, but I don't see anywhe...
Brian Taylor