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About Wrinkle Lift in 30 Days - Look Young Again

Reverse the impact of age with this regime that works most effectively on your fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and spots of aging. The best way to battle aging is to take preventative measures. Even as early as your 20’s, you can (and should) be using anti-aging skin care methods.
If you aren’t already using anti-aging skin care procedure, today is the perfect time to start!

This “Wrinkle Lift in 30 Days - Look Young Again" app, serves exactly the same purpose. This app is suitable for all genders and all kinds of people, and you can easily do them at HOME or just anywhere, anytime. Just a few minutes a day to get back a firmer and radiant looking skin.

This regime is a combination of beauty care procedures, diet, yoga, and wrinkle lift massages detox and rest.
This plan will help you to:
1. Take care of your facial skin with face treating and nourishing methods
2. Get clearer looking glowing skin with natural home-made face and eye masks
3. Improves the elasticity of the skin and reduce fine line and wrinkles with the help of gel and oil massages
4. Get healthy and glowing skin with various detox and diet techniques
5. Get more lively and young with the help of specific yoga postures

This is designed for all the women and men who are concerned about preventing or reducing the signs of aging on their skin.
It can be used by someone who is in his teens who wants to take preventive measures to delay the effect of aging in their skin OR can be used by someone who is already battling with wrinkles around the eyes, lips, forehead, cheeks, neck etc.
The regime aims to increase the elasticity and hydration of the skin, because we believe you are not wrinkled, you are just dehydrated. So cheer up!!

All the INGREDIENTS recommended in this plan are NATURAL and makes no harm to your skin.

We know that due to various factors you might not have some particular ingredient at home, so every day you are provided with 3 options for same results, so you can use them as per your liking and availability.

We know that in order to get rid a real elasticity in your skin, your body must respond from within. So for that in your 30 day Glowing Face plan, you will also get Diet, Exercise/Yoga and Night time care plans which are good for your skin and will help you get the firm and radiant looking skin sooner.

1. 30 day routine for getting firmer skin
2. Step by step procedure
3. Audio guided timer
4. Suitable for everyone, beginners, men, women, teens and seniors
5. Records daily progress automatically

The content and images contained in the app is collected from online sources, we do not claim
any authority of the content.
The homemade beauty tips information on this app is provided as an information resource only.
Please consult your doctor in case of any health related problem. Pregnant women and children
should consult a doctor prior using these remedies as a precaution measure. XT Apps expressly
disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability
whatever suffered as a result of your health on the information contained in this app.

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I haven't done step 1 as yet i was just looking. This app is wonderful, I'm so glad I came across it. Thank you very much.
Pamela Jane Wade
Best aap for pimpel and acnes on google play store
Reckless Magician
Noticed an improvement after just a few days of practise the workouts and the masks.
Carol Njura
My life saver
Promise Chi
Best app for wrinkles... It is so well guided and easy to use. And it gives perfect results..I m in love of this app..Thank you so much for making such a lovely app... Everyone who is having wrinkles and wan...
Mohit Vyas
I like this app .. perfect!😁😊😍
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