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About Japanese Listening & Speaking Practice

Poro – Practice listening Japanese & speaking Japanese is Japanese learning application with interesting method: listening to Japanese speaker, reading out loud Japanese document to speak, pronounce, pause and intonate like native speaker. While listening, you can speak fast or slowly, but try to speak/pronounce correctly at the beginning. Same as Shadowing or Karaoke, you can practice both speaking and listening by following the changing color text along with audio speed. With three modes “Basic”, “Slow”, “Line by line”, learner can catch up natural speed to pronounce fluently and correctly. By listening and reading, this method also help users learn vocabulary and remember how to pronounce each words as well as how to read out a Japanese document and finally speak Japanese like native speaker.
Learning new words, especially kanji, is very important. But if learner only learns the meaning without pronouncing correctly, it may lead to misunderstanding or confusion to the listener. This application aims to help learners listen to audio file and imitate to speak Japanese, same as Shadowing method.
List of lessons with a various topic from greetings, introduction, presentation, essays in Japanese will be helpful package for every Japanese language learner. These are also document source for both verbal and written skills for your reference. Especially interesting is the “Famous Literature Corner”, in which you can immerse in Japanese poem recitation.
Complete all lesson in levels help learner be confidence in listening Japanese Japanese, speaking and reading out Japanese document, pronounce correctly and nice intonation, improve Kanji reading fast and naturally. This also help users be confidence in taking Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT N2, N1, N5, N4, N3 with listening and reading comprehension skills.

***Main functions***
- Practice speaking, listening and reading aloud Japanese in topics.
- Color of text changes following the speed of audio file to learn how to pause and intonate as the native.
- Three types of audio for each Unit: “Basic” (natural speed of Japanese speaker), “Slow” (mechanically slowed down version of basic audio, in case users have difficulty in practicing Basic speed), “Line-by-Line”: audio divided into natural intervals to make it easy to listen and repeat the Basic audio by adding pauses during which you can speak aloud.
- Automatically send request e-mail for vocabulary of each lesson
- Choose favorite lesson.
- Completed full version of Vietnamese and English.
- Wide range of vocabulary, sentences, essay, presentation of Japanese.
- Japanese culture discovery through interesting essays.
- Introduce typical and famous literature of Japan such as: classic literature, Haiku poem, novel.
- Fun Japanese with TRY! Section: tongue twist, Japanese sayings.
- Support Romanji and Kana.
- Optional Translation mode.

***Poro – Practice Japanese speaking is suitable for who ***
- Self-study Japanese from beginner, intermediate to advance.
- Study for JLPT or communication practice.
- Learn how to use verbal and written expression.
- Communicate Japanese fluently with natural accent.
- Love Japanese culture.
- Love Haiku, Japanese Novel.

Poro – Practice listening & speaking Japanese is in developing process; we hope to receive your contribution comment to make it better.
Please kindly contact:
- Email: [email protected]
- Fanpage:
Thank you very much and Good luck!

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