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About Screen Recorder & Video Recorder - XRecorder

NO watermark
NO root needed
NO recording time limit

Screen Recorder - XRecorder helps you capture smooth & clear screen videos, screenshots in the easiest way. Just with a tap on the floating window, you can record HD video tutorial, video calls and videos that can not be downloaded even. And you will never miss live game shows, and important moments anymore.

Download the best screen recorder - XRecorder to capture anything as you like!

● Video recorder supports ALL videos, like live shows from Periscope, Bigo Live or, tik tok, YouTube, Twitch...
● Capture screen to take a clear Screenshot
Video Editor: Trim video and change the speed.
● Record Gameplay on your phone
● Export Full HD video with custom settings: 240p to 1080p, 60FPS, 12Mbps
No watermark: record a clean video & screenshot
● Screen Recorder with Facecam
● No recording time limits & No root needed
Floating window: One touch to control and snap the exact moment easily
Countdown timer: to be a fully prepared recorder
● Alternative storage location: internal storage/ SD card
● Easy to pause/resume recording, rotate screen
● Share recorded video works on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, IGTV, Facebook...

Coming soon:
+ Video editing: merge, add background music, add text, etc.
+ Brush tool: draw or mark on the screen when recording

Free Screen Recorder in FULL HD
Screen Video Recorder - XRecorder supports recording game screen in the highest quality, 1080p, 12Mbps, 60FPS. Of course, you can record screen with adjustable resolution(240p to 1080p), quality, and FPS(15FPS to 60FPS).

Game Recorder with no Time Limit
This screen recorder - XRecorder is also a convenient game recorder and screen capture tool. It helps you capture screen, record screen and record gameplay video without recording time limit.

Screen Video Recorder with no Watermark
Still find a screen capture tool without watermark? Download this video recorder to capture screen in a cleaner way. If you want to capture screen, record screen or take a screenshot efficiently, it is a must-have screen recorder.

Screen Recorder with Sound
Want to record gameplay, video tutorial with sound? This powerful screen recorder with sound is your best choice. It will record your voice fluidly and clearly.

Screen Recorder with Facecam
Screen Recorder with Facecam helps you record your face and reaction in a small overlay window. It can be dragged freely to any position on the screen and customized to any size.

Screen Recorder with Audio
It is also a well functional screen recorder with audio, screen recorder with sound. Download this fantastic screen recorder with audio to record your own video now.

---------Warm Tips
To experience all features of Screen Recorder - Video Recorder, please agree the permissions as follows:

Please be ensured that the request is for recording screen ONLY. Screen Recorder will NEVER do harm to our users.

Thanks for downloading Screen Recorder - Video Recorder, XRecorder. And if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

* XRecorder™ is a trademark of InShot Inc.
* We are not responsible for any intellectual property violation that results from an unauthorized video recording.
* This app is not associated with YouTube, Periscope, Bigo Live,, Twitch, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, IGTV, Facebook or any other social media platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is XRecorder?

XRecorder is a screen recorder and video recorder app that allows you to capture smooth and clear screen videos, screenshots, and gameplay on your phone.

Does XRecorder have a watermark?

No, XRecorder does not add a watermark to your recorded videos or screenshots.

Does XRecorder require root access?

No, XRecorder does not require root access to function.

Can XRecorder record live shows from platforms like Periscope, Bigo Live,, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Twitch?

Yes, XRecorder supports recording live shows from various platforms including Periscope, Bigo Live,, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Twitch.

Can XRecorder capture screenshots?

Yes, XRecorder allows you to capture clear screenshots of your screen.

Does XRecorder have a video editor?

Yes, XRecorder includes a video editor that allows you to trim videos and change their speed.

What are the export settings for recorded videos?

XRecorder allows you to export full HD videos with customizable settings, including resolution (240p to 1080p), frame rate (up to 60FPS), and bitrate (up to 12Mbps).

Does XRecorder support recording gameplay?

Yes, XRecorder can record gameplay on your phone without any time limits.

Can XRecorder record videos with your face using the Facecam feature?

Yes, XRecorder has a Facecam feature that allows you to record your face and reaction in a small overlay window.

Does XRecorder record audio?

Yes, XRecorder is a screen recorder with audio, allowing you to record your voice and other audio while capturing your screen.

Can XRecorder be used to share recorded videos on social media platforms?

Yes, XRecorder allows you to easily share your recorded videos on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, IGTV, and Facebook.

Are there any upcoming features for XRecorder?

Yes, upcoming features for XRecorder include video editing capabilities, the brush tool for drawing or marking on the screen during recording.
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