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About NVH For Android

Does your vehicle have a vibration problem? The NVH For Android app takes the guesswork out of diagnosing it!

There are over 276 possible causes of vibration concerns on today’s vehicles. The NVH for Android app will automatically identify the group of parts and the specific type of vibration on your vehicle.

Take the NVH For Android app on a road test and know for certain whether your issue is:
- Tire speed related
- Driveshaft speed related
- Engine speed related
And then follow the built-in troubleshooting steps and videos to learn how to fix the vibration.

More than "Just an App", this a tool for professional service technicians as well as anyone with a vibration concern on their vehicle.

- QUICK, ACCURATE AND PRECISE: The NVH for Android App can be setup and ready to begin diagnosis in as little as 30 seconds!
- VIBRATION DIAGNOSIS: Place or mount your device against a solid surface in your vehicle and the precision internal sensors will measure and analyze your vehicle’s vibration problem.

- LIVE RESULTS: Watch one of three different displays that show you live measurements of your vibration in different ways to make sure you have all the information you need.

- AUTOMATIC: Not sure how to interpret your results? NVH For Android will analyze your road test for you and tell you which type of vibration problem your vehicle has.
- TOTALS: Want to get into the numbers yourself? NVH For Android shows you the statistics for each type of vibration detected and will break it down by vehicle speed to give you even more information.

- RECORD: Record your road test and watch it again in real time or pause and go through it step by step.

- SHARE: Want another field service engineer, mechanic, or friend to see your test and give their opinion? Export your recordings to a csv file via email so they can import it into their device and view your recording and its analysis.

- VEHICLE DATABASE: NVH For Android has an extensive database of over 12,400 vehicles from 28 vehicle manufacturers to choose from so that you can just pick your vehicle and go! Can’t find your vehicle in the database? Not a problem! You can manually enter your vehicle’s information and save it for future use. To see a list of vehicles in the NVH For Android vehicle database, or to see what information you will need to know about your vehicle if it is not in the database, visit

- DIAGNOSTIC HELP AND VIDEOS: Whether you are a seasoned field service engineer, experienced technician, or a weekend do-it-yourself mechanic, NVH For Android's comprehensive diagnostic help file has something for everyone. Read through detailed instructions and information accompanied by hundreds of photos and dozens of videos. With over 26 years of vibration diagnostic expertise built in to the troubleshooting steps, you will be in good hands.

- Measure driveshaft and U-Joint working angles. Some devices do not have the internal gyroscope required for this function.

- PLX KIWI 3 Bluetooth OBD2 Data Link Connector Interface.
- Nexiq Blue-Link Mini for HD Truck Round 9-pin OBD2 Data Link Connector Interface.
These tools will read engine RPM directly from the vehicle and use it for engine speed related vibration diagnosis

IMPORTANT: The Google Play Store restricts higher dollar purchases on some accounts (especially new accounts) to prevent fraud. If you are unable to purchase this app on a new account, Call 1-855-836-3987, Select 1 for Apps and ask them to lift any purchasing restrictions on your account. This process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

This app is great! In addition to the function of the app, it contains a WEALTH of information on NVH. The first few times I used it, I didn't really need NVH to diagnose the problem, but the app was spo...
Chad Coleman
App works great for me, just had issue after getting new phone, developer responded quickly, kept me updated while fixing app.
A Google user
App saved my sanity...working on an older high mileage vehicle with more than a few rattles/gremlins...diagnosed the problem quickly...saved time and money
Michael Lenardi