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About Anoc Pro Octave Editor

Anoc is a secure Octave Editor (Matlab clone) for your Android Device. It allows you to create and manage Octave projects directly on your Android device and generate the result and plots by using Verbosus (Online LaTeX and Octave Editor)

"Octave is [...] intended for numerical computations. It provides capabilities for the numerical solution of linear and nonlinear problems, and for performing other numerical experiments. It also provides extensive graphics capabilities for data visualization and manipulation"

This software is provided "as is" without warranties or conditions of any kind, either expressed or implied.

Before you download this app please check if it can do everything you need by trying the available functions using the web interface on our website.

-) Features:

* Dropbox integration (Local Mode: Options -> Link to Dropbox)
* Box integration (Local Mode: Options -> Link to Box)
* Use a dedicated server that runs a full Octave installation to perform expensive mathematical calculations
* 2 Modes: Local Mode (stores .m files on your device) and Cloud Mode (synchronizes your projects with the cloud)
* Generate and view the result and plots from your Octave code
* Syntax highlighting (comments, operators, plot functions)
* Hotkeys (see below)
* Web-Interface (Cloud Mode)
* Autosave (Local Mode)
* Unlimited number of projects and documents (Local Mode)
* Encrypted transmission to the server by using HTTPS

-) Limitations:

* Max. number of projects and documents: 4 (Cloud Mode)

-) Add existing .m files / import existing projects in Local Mode:

* Link to Dropbox or Box (Options -> Link to Dropbox / Link to Box) and let Anoc automatically synchronize your projects
* Put all your files in the Anoc folder on your SD card: /sdcard/Anoc/Local/[project]/
Please note: There must exist at least one .m file. The name of the project is the [project] folder name.

-) Use function files: Create a new file e.g. worker.m and fill it with

function s = worker(x)
% worker(x) Calculates sine(x) in degrees
s = sin(x*pi/180);

In your main .m file you can call it with


-) Load a file into a variable with the load command (Local Mode)

data = load('name-of-file.txt');

-) Hotkeys in editor:

ctrl+s: Save
ctrl+g: Generate PDF
ctrl+n: New document
ctrl+d: Delete document
ctrl+.: Next document

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Thank you very good compiler
Alp Giray Keskin
Thanks for the app.
Hưng Ngô
wonderful! great for quick parametric plots, matrix math or anything simple you might want to do on the go.
Jordan LaPointe
It's very
hasan atia
Standard control system commands work with the drawnow command. Great product.
Saul Mtakula
Looks promising. So I bought it after one hour of using the free version. Hope it continues to. It is in fact better than Matlab Mobile app for android
Dipayan Dasgupta