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About Anchor Alert


Anchor Alert is an advanced anchor alarm application made by a professional software developer and MCA certified Yachtmaster. It was the first anchor alarm available for Android devices and remains the number one choice of serious boaters. It uses a unique anchor projection algorithm which automatically takes into account the magnetic-declination of your location to more accurately set the anchor watch point. It has a clutter-free interface and runs fully off-line (after initial verification). It has been designed primarily to maximise reliability and battery life while allowing the user the greatest degree of flexibility and customisation possible.

Some of Anchor Alerts features:
- unique anchor projection system, just point and click and your anchor position is set
- user defined swing area with 'touch-to-set' exclusion and slack zones
- very low memory usage and the longest battery life in its class
- can be set to run completely in the background while you use your phone / tablet for other things
- silent or audible alarms, with or without vibration
- vessel tracking, historic location traces and more

If you want the best anchor alarm / anchor watch for Android, you want Anchor Alert.

See for a full run-down of features.

** GPS accuracy and performance depends on your phone's hardware. Please read the help page fully and make sure you understand how to tell if the anchor alarm is running in the background and how to completely stop it.

Finally, please email me and let me know how I can make this anchor alarm / anchor watch app better before leaving negative reviews. My goal is a 5 star rating from everyone that buys this app, please help me achieve this!

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Excelente .
Majj Zazen
This app does exactly what you need. And does it easier than any other app I have tried.
A Google user
This app has been a great way to sleep better while on the hook. With the message capabilities, even going ashore is less of a "I hope we're still in the same place" moment.
Richard Emerson