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About Pill Logger - Meds Tracker

Pill Logger: Use this app and you'll never forget when you last took medicine, all with NO ADVERTS!

With Pill Logger you can:
• add your medication - using your own description
• customise the dosage
• record each time you take medicine
• export your usage history as a CSV
• set reminders
• create custom widgets to record your dosage with a single touch
• accurately track and display your medication over time
• view charts displaying your medicine history

Pay to unlock:
- Backups & CSV exporting
- Unlimited users, track your spouse or children's medication usage all within the same app.

It takes just a few moments to add a new medicine (including name, dosage & identifying colour) to your library. Once added, you can quickly and simply record each time you take your medicine. If you forget, you can enter it later.

With the ability to export your usage history as a CSV, with customisable filters to export only the time-frame and meds that you want to.

You can choose to set reminders, either by date and time or in so many hours’ time. You can also create a widget that records the medicine and dosage with a single touch.

Pill Logger will track your medication usage over an unlimited period and, with a dedicated statistics page, show medicine history. At a glance you can see:
• Most taken medicine
• Distribution across the day
• Distribution across the week

With more features planned in the near future including:
• Sync between your Android phone and tablet

Our support for this app is on-going and we welcome any feedback or suggestions for future development. Get in touch at [email protected] or at

Our users say:

★★★★★ - "The best app for keeping track of your medications."

★★★★★ - “Great app! The only app I found that logs history of each med in easy & efficient way... my doc scrolls thru my pill history holding my phone.”

★★★★★ - “This app is so useful and easy to use, especially now the developers have introduced single press widgets. Well done guys - keep the updates coming”

★★★★☆ - “Finally... an app that would simply help me remember my last dose... This is exactly what this does. Not so fancy that it is cluttered and not so bare bones that it doesn't work. In the infamous words of Goldilocks; just right.”

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Clean interface, easy to use. Reminders need some work setting up.
Nari Soundarrajan
Love the app. Just wish I could add notes on the days.
Debbie Keller
I couldn't manage my pain medicine without this awesome app!
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