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About Interval Recognition - Ear Train

Ear training for intervals, clusters (harmonic), phrases, modes / scales, chords, tuning and perfect pitch.

High quality sampled piano plus midi sounds.

Listen feature to compare the question to all possible responses in order to find and understand the right answer.

Helps to associate intervals with common melodies to make them easier to learn and remember.

Extensive options including tempo, instrument, note velocity, pitch range, rhythm plus responses to correct and incorrect answers. Very customisable questions - from a phrase using eg only perfect 4ths and 5ths to a cluster using eg Dorian on F#.

Continuous Play - repeat question a set number of times then display the answer before moving on to the next one. Optional text to speech for announcing the root note and answers. Basic speech recognition for entirely hands free use.

This is the free ad-supported version - there is also a Donate version available which does not contain ads.

Tinku stringfinity
Wonderful application design from a functional /use case perspective.
Dennis Tran
It worth more than 5 stars. Really appreciate. God bless u guys.
Win ko Ko htun