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About Flow Training

Flow delivers a continuously evolving learning and development solution tailored to the hospitality and tourism sector, providing accredited, certificated training throughout the industry. Flow has been designed to inspire learning through our comprehensive portfolio of innovative and engaging online modules. The Flow App continues to evolve this approach providing key functionality such as:

1. Feed – The Flow Feed provides an overview of all time-bound priority items based on their due dates (i.e. training due dates, noticeboard and news item published dates, appraisal due dates, etc.) all in one place. This feature puts the trainees needs first, ensuring they can easily view priority items as soon as they access the App.
2. Training – The training section allows trainees to view their outstanding and completed training, both online and external. Trainees will be able to launch training directly from the App.
3. Communications – This section allows users to view their company communications. Unread items will be highlighted, thus providing an easy way to keep up-to-date with company news and important documents.
4. My Career – This section will provide a basic career overview including upcoming appraisals and career mapping info. This section will also include the “Library” where users can save notifications and news items for future reference.