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About Tome of D2

Browse, filter and find all Diablo 2 runewords. Quickly and easily find the perfect rune word for your build.

Runeword Calculator to find what runewords you can make with your runes.

All useful cube recipes at your finger tips (no more clicking through Arreat Summit!).

Awesome drop calculator:
- Supports latest LOD patch
- Find the drop chance of any item from any monster
- Calculates the exact chance based on your MF and party size

Break points and attack speed calculator for all classes including mercenaries.

All mercenary info (auras, stat point gains etc).

Item Catalogue. All unique and set items with their bonuses.

Area Level guide. Check the Area Level of any area in the game.

Holy grail tracker to easily see items you have found and items you still need.

Exactly what I was looking for. It's hard nowadays to find a good tool for runeword calculation like this one for plebs lime me who don't play enough to know them all! Cheers
Simon Cote
Edited the review. This is awesome. Good job
Manuel Faner
At last! To the person who coded this. Nice work ... this app rocks!,
Simon Mather