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About UseCrypt Messenger

Your own presidential line. The first messenger app safer than a face-to-face conversation.
From the world-class cryptographers to bring the privacy back.

Fast, simple and fully secured conversations, whether it is a text, video or voice message (in HD quality).
Feel safe with advance end-to-end encryption mixed with a few layers of strongest security available.

FULLY PRIVATE: no data about users and conversations kept on servers, no data history kept at all
SAFE: an app can detect man-in-the-middle attacks
ANONYMOUS: no technical possibility to check the IP of the other side of the conversation
ENCRYPTED: full end-to-end encryption
POWERFUL: independent and separated cypher mechanism for text, voice and video messages
ADVANCED: Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) with AES algorithm
HIGHEST SECURITY: intermediary links via server
RESISTANT: constant bitrate – no chance for side-channel attacks

Rise the level of security by using separated password to the app.
Use self-destructive messages, which will be irrecoverably deleted after the time you choose.
Make secure calls within a group of trusted members with a crystal-clear sound and international calls with no additional cost. All you need is an access to the Internet.
Phonebook integration - the app will find contacts using UseCrypt Messenger and use them securely.

App infrastructure is situated in the Europe, which guarantees high speed and high security standards of the service.

For support, questions or more information, please visit:

Using the application requires having an active subscription plan.

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The support team deserves a mention. Whenever I have any issue, they help me to set it right in the fastest possible time. I am happy.
Coc Fan
Superb features , superb design and its performance is really fantastic. An adorable app that offers the greatest user experience.
pooja chourasiya chourasiya
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Patrick Jonas
I have had an amazing experience. This is an excellent messenger app. The security it offers is unbelievable.
Bharat Chourasiya
The users of the use Crypt messenger are able to experience magic literally. This is an amazing concept. You need to see it to believe it.
chotu dadall
It is really well built. I would say built to last. The benefits that come with it are significant.
cohtu dada