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About Holy Bible, King James Version

The mobile KJV Holy Bible contains the 1769 standardized text revision of the 1611 King James Bible, also known as the AV or the Authorized Version. Developed for your Android OS mobile phone or tablet, it is a powerful and easy to use tool that provides access to search, annotate, bookmark and study the Holy Bible. The standardized text of 1769 is published by Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Collins, etc.

Features include:

- Does not collect your personal information as other Bible apps do
- Completely stand-alone and offline, needing no internet connection to work
- Easy search to find passages containing specific words, word combinations or word fragments.
- Long-press a specific passage to bookmark it, add footnotes or color-code highlight for later study.
- Text to speech and auto-scrolling
- Easily navigate to any book, chapter and verse in seconds, in the order of the Bible or Alphabetical Order.

This application is provided to you 100% free of charge and will not annoy you with advertising or ever collect your personal information. There are absolutely no strings attached! If you feel inspired to donate to us then we will gratefully accept your gift. If you don't, please just enjoy our gift to you and please share it with others.

Love it
Shana Horton
Please the owner of this Bible app should endeavor to update this beautiful Bible. This is one of the best Bible app on play store. This app was last updated 2014 after that till now nothing has happen again...
U cannot beat perfection 🌏
Charles Oliver