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About 2IP — Speed Test and my IP address is a tool for system administrators, developers, gamers and ordinary Internet users. Our application displays the external and internal IP address and provides various services for checking the quality of the Internet connection and displaying information about Internet services.

Using our application, you can use the following services.

Internet connection speed test

High connection speed is the most important factor that ensures comfortable work on the World Wide Web. Not only professionals are interested in the speed of the Internet, but also any user.

LAN scanner

Our service will allow you to scan the local network, find active hosts, computers, servers, and other devices, determine their MAC and IP addresses.

WiFi analyzer

With this service, you can view Wi-Fi data in real-time, evaluate networks, identify problems in the channel, check coverage areas and increase the efficiency of the Wi-Fi network in your home.

Port scanner

A network port is a network resource that is displayed as a number. Using our service, you can check the open ports of any network device and find out which application this port belongs to.

Check remote host availability (ping)

Ping is a utility for checking network connections. The time between sending a request and receiving a response allows you to determine two-way delays along the route and the frequency of packet loss, also it lets you determine the load on the data channels and intermediate devices.

Find out the location of an IP address or site

This service will help you to find out the geographical (country/region/city) location of the website, server or IP address.

Get IP Address Information

IP address - a unique network address of a node in a computer network. You can find out detailed information about the owner of any IP address using this service.

Find out DNS information

DNS is a computer-distributed system for obtaining domain information. Most often used to obtain an IP address by hostname (computer or device), to obtain information about mail routing, serving nodes for protocols in the domain. You can find out all existing DNS for any IP address or domain using this service.

Identify the manufacturer by MAC address

A MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to each piece of equipment in computer networks. Globally MAC address of the device is unique and is usually wired into the hardware. Thanks to this service and knowing the MAC address of the device you can find out who the manufacturer of this device is.

IP calculator

Using our IP calculator, you can calculate the network IP address, broadcast address, IP address of the first node (host), IP address of the last node (host), number of work nodes (hosts) in a given network, network mask, wildcard mask and network prefix.

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very very good,useful,simple and one of the most greatest ip app.🏵
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Excellent job this is a perfect app just what I was looking for.
Never Ever