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About BaseChat - Get connected

Talking, flirting or making new friends. Direct and personal.

With Base Chat you now have the opportunity to exchange with thousands of people worldwide, anonymously and simply for free .

Create a profile now and save your personal link. This link allows users to contact you privately and securely.

+++ Top Features +++

+ Talk anonymously in the language you want.
+ Already over 200.000+ people registered. Easy handling.
+ Find easily fitting people with the filter.
+ lead anonymous conversations without having to give his telephone number.
+ Collect karma points through likes and matches, keep them by your behavior.
+ Celebrate yourself and add your other channels to get more views, followers and attention.
+ Raise your profile to get more or faster contacts. A nice profile picture also helps.
Chat or talk privately with new people.

And best of all: none of your personal data is exchanged with the others! Only you determine what you reveal from you.

- = # Shuffle Talk # = -

Just choose the language of your choice and off you go.

Options are:

A. The CAROUSEL: Conduct 1 to 1 conversations with random people. Press 0 to jump to the next user.

B. The PARTY ROOM: Here you will be connected to 3 other randomly selected people at the same time. With the 0 you get back to the main menu.

- = # Shuffle Chat # = -

Find other people to chat with and talk to our new shuffle list. Daily opening of the app increases your visibility, as well as your karma.

+ Chat privately with people who match your interests.

+ Speak directly and privately with other people without having to give your phone number!

How to do that?
1. Start a private chat by selecting a user from the shuffle list.

2. After you have written something together, a private room will be unlocked. There you can talk private and secure with your chat partner.

Convince the other to also enter the room and you can talk directly to each other. None of your private data such as phone number or similar is shared!

* Depending on your location, a local landline number will be dialed. Thus, the call is free for you if you have a corresponding fixed network flat or Allnet flat with your mobile service provider.

it is the only app that you can start to a live talk with others immediately it even supports different languages and nations Thanks to the creators
Huseyin Caglar
Ms048 19xw
It's really cool because you can meet new people there and maybe even find friends
Leah's SlytherinStudio