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About Pathway Training

The Pathway Training App brings both biblical education and ministerial training straight to your phone. Students get access to all the biblical, theological, and ministerial courses in our catalog. Additionally, students will have access to any and all elective courses, which are continually being developed. These courses also fulfil the educational requirements to become a credentialed minister in the Assemblies of God.

• Self-Paced: Students progress through the material however they like, with no due dates or expirations. Some students binge watch/read the material, while others view it at a more regular pace.
• No Textbooks: Using material we’ve created, and material that is already online for free, we have curated everything they need to read. There is no need to buy any textbooks, although we do recommend many for supplemental reading.
• No Essays: Each of the 28 courses consists of 40-45 hours of content mixed between videos, reading, and quizzes or a short critical reflection. The final for each course is simply a 5-minute video presentation of the student teaching the material they just learned. This means no essays!
• Off-line learning: Using our mobile app, students can download many of the videos, readings, and quizzes so they can have access even where there is no data or wifi.
• Gamification: Students earn points, badges, and levels and can even see how they rank on the “leaderboard.”