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About Thumbnail Maker & Channel art

Thumbnail maker for youtube video is the graphic design app helps youtubers to create stunning thumbnails & channel art for Youtube Videos in minutes.
No graphic design skills necessary for using thumbnail editor.
New Youtuber can make thumbnail designs like professional graphic designer.
Good Thumbnail will get more views. If you want to increase traffic to your youtube videos then make a thumbnail that your viewer clicks and attracts the new audience.
With advanced photo editing software, you can generate click bait thumbnail designs.
Easy to Use. Thumbnail maker uses the standard size like 1280*720px in PNG or JPEG format with less than 2MB.
Download thumbnail designs in HD quality without watermark.
For all graphic design needs you can use this photo editor app. You can create thumbnails for youtube, cool channel art banners, logo design, outro end cards, intro maker for YouTube Channel, community post for your youtube channel. Apart from images for youtube you can make posters and banners for social media, Instagram post, Instagram story, cover photo for Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

Thumbnail maker for youtube:
Thumbnail creator has 500+ predesigned thumbnail templates for trending videos. Thumbnail editor app has thumbnails and miniatures for all categories like cooking, education, lifestyle, food, vlog, technology, esports, gaming channel including popular games like freefire, PubG, BGMI, ff, Minecraft, among us, etc.

Channel Art Maker and editor:
You can design channel art for your youtube channel. Create banner image that showcase your youtube channel and recent video.

Logo maker for Youtube channel:
You can make your own logo design for youtube channel like a brand. Our logo editor will help you to create logo and set it as profile picture.

Community post maker:
You can create youtube community post for your subscribers in square size. Create intro design and outro designs in thumbnail maker.

Automatic Background Remover and image background eraser. Easy to cutout photo and make it as sticker in thumbnail creator.

Capture screenshot from Video:
Take screenshot from video within the thumbnail maker app. Thumbnail design can be created usually with your own images from 4K video montage and set as thumbnail background photo.

Thumbnail Stickers, Fonts, text effects:
Thumbnail for YouTube video needs to be impressive so thumbnail creator app has huge collection of stickers, arts, basic shapes, symbols, smiley emoji, funny stickers, gamming stickers, special effects etc.

Resize your thumbnail design to social media post:
Resize the 16:9 thumbnail image in 1:1 aspect ratio or any size & share thumbnail in social media. Thumbnail editor converts your canvas into the standard size.
YouTube thumbnail creator app has feature like in photo studio software. 50+ photo filter and Enhanced photo editor with Brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, sharpness.

How to use our thumbnail maker for YouTube?
Choose any thumbnail template to edit or start designing thumbnails from scratch.
Upload images, choose image from stock photos and add image to canvas.
Add text on photo, change font style or use Text art & effects.
Edit the images using advanced thumbnail editing tools like feathers, filters, image outline stroke.
Save your thumbnail designs
Share the thumbnail Graphic design to any social media Platform like Instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat. Upload thumbnail in Youtube studio without any problem.

"Thumbnail Maker" is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored and this is NOT an official thumbnail maker for YouTube. All references to "YouTube", YT and other names are solely for the purpose of identifying the app for potential users. No trademark infringement is intended.

For any issues contacts us via email.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is Thumbnail Maker?

Thumbnail Maker is a graphic design app that helps YouTubers create stunning thumbnails and channel art for YouTube videos in minutes.

Do I need graphic design skills to use Thumbnail Maker?

No, you do not need graphic design skills to use Thumbnail Maker. It is designed for both professional graphic designers and new YouTubers.

How can a good thumbnail help increase views on YouTube?

A good thumbnail can attract viewers and encourage them to click on your video, ultimately increasing traffic to your YouTube videos.

What size and format should the thumbnail be in?

Thumbnail Maker uses the standard size of 1280*720px in PNG or JPEG format with a file size of less than 2MB.

Can I download my thumbnail designs in HD quality without a watermark?

Yes, you can download your thumbnail designs in HD quality without any watermarks.

Can Thumbnail Maker be used for other graphic design needs apart from YouTube thumbnails?

Yes, Thumbnail Maker can be used for creating cool channel art banners, logo designs, outro end cards, intro makers for YouTube channels, community posts, posters, and banners for social media platforms.

How many predesigned thumbnail templates are there in Thumbnail Maker?

Thumbnail Maker offers 500+ predesigned thumbnail templates for trending videos in various categories like cooking, education, lifestyle, food, vlogs, technology, esports, and gaming channels.

Can I create channel art for my YouTube channel using Thumbnail Maker?

Yes, you can design channel art that showcases your YouTube channel and recent videos using Thumbnail Maker.

Can I create a logo for my YouTube channel using Thumbnail Maker?

Yes, Thumbnail Maker provides a logo editor that helps you create your own logo design for your YouTube channel.

Can I create community posts and intro/outro designs using Thumbnail Maker?

Yes, Thumbnail Maker allows you to create YouTube community posts, intro designs, and outro designs within the app.

Does Thumbnail Maker have an automatic background remover?

Yes, Thumbnail Maker has an automatic background remover and image background eraser feature, making it easy to cut out photos and create stickers.

Can I capture screenshots from videos within the Thumbnail Maker app?

Yes, you can take screenshots from videos within the Thumbnail Maker app and use them as background photos for your thumbnails.

What additional features does Thumbnail Maker offer for YouTube thumbnail designs?

Thumbnail Maker offers a wide collection of stickers, fonts, text effects, photo filters, and advanced editing tools to make your YouTube thumbnail designs impressive.
Excellent app for designing thumbnail. My youtuber friend recommended this app to me
kannan yadhav