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Play against bots and other people online! Extend your territory and defeat other nations! Play with up to 511 players at the same time!

There are two game modes: Singleplayer and Multiplayer

Your balance will decrease if
(1) you attack an enemy or neutral lands or
(2) an enemy attacks you.

Your balance will increase by
(1) the amount of squares you control [territorial income] and
(2) the interest rate.

The interest rate vary between 0 and 2%. It will be paid off 10 times more frequently than the territorial income.

If your balance is higher, then
(1) the interest income is higher and
(2) the protection against enemy attacks is stronger.

We highly appreciate your feedback about the game!

Can't quite get into the game, nice game tough! Viewed some of the videos and it seems great! Keep up the good work bud.
Primo N.
Lonely legionary
It's a great game I fixed a problem I had and well its a good time burner
Wol cu